Mysterious Phenomenon Leaves Turkish Residents Worried

year ago

Imagine going to work in the morning and looking up to the sky and seeing something that looks like a UFO. This can easily happen. These peculiar-looking clouds can be quite intriguing, but they’re not extraterrestrial in origin. In fact, they’re called Lenticular clouds. Read until the end, to discover an extra bonus point.

A strange cloud like this one was spotted in the sky over Turkey, surprising the residents who live there and the internet! The formation of clouds looked like a UFO and was pretty weird.

At first glance, it looked like the alien spacecraft from Jordan Peele’s Nope movie. But that wasn’t the case. These odd-looking Lenticular clouds have a wave-like shape that can fool you into thinking they’re something from another planet.

The cloud that caused all the commotion had a nearly-perfect round shape and showed up in the sky during sunrise, giving it a creepy reddish-orange hue. It stayed put for around an hour and had a big empty spot in the center.

When air blows over a mountain range, it can create these huge, stationary waves in the air that resemble ripples in a river caused by obstructions. And if there’s enough moisture in the air, the upward motion of these waves will make the water vapor condense. This is how these one-of-a-kind Lenticular clouds form.

After the cloud disappeared, the residents of Bursa in Turkey calmed down. Even though the phenomenon lasted only a few hours it was enough to get the conspiracy theorists thinking.

A similar cloud was also seen in California.

At the end of 2022, in December, the same type of lenticular cloud was spotted above Palm Desert, California. On a Tuesday afternoon, people were walking around the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert. Suddenly, they looked up and saw a big cloud resembling a flying object.

However, the one from California wasn’t as eye-catching as the one in Turkey, because there was no sunshine flashing through it.

Preview photo credit ByronJWalker / Twitter


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