A Photographer Changes the Misconception That People With Down Syndrome Don’t Live Into Old Age

7 months ago

Life expectancy for Canadians with Down syndrome has more than doubled in the past 40 years due to medical advancements. However, the misconception that individuals with Down syndrome don’t live into their senior years still persists. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society and photographer Hilary Gauld’s photo essay “Here I Am” challenges this idea by showcasing seniors and adults with Down syndrome alongside pictures of themselves as children.

Allan, age 44

Brandon, age 46

Brigitte, age 75

Craig, age 59

Chrissy, age 45

Gus, age 49

Lynn, age 58

Maryann, age 60

Melissa, age 46

Michael, age 58

Myron, age 52

Owen, age 56

Sean, age 49


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