A Pregnant Mom Found Out She Had Stage 4 Cancer and Was Given Months to Live

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8 months ago

Lindsey Parr Gritton was only a few weeks away from welcoming a new addition to her family when she received the heartbreaking news that the future of her family might undergo a significant change. Luckily, this story has a very happy ending.

Lindsey was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 36th week of pregnancy.

In April 2022, Lindsey Parr Gritton, a mother from Georgia, USA, was in her 36th week of pregnancy with her second child when she noticed a burning sensation in her breast. She shared, “I went there, and she thought it was a clogged duct or like mastitis of some sort,” she recalls. “They didn’t suspect anything.”

However, it was Gritton’s own intuition that prompted her to request an ultrasound, and she firmly believes that advocating for herself made a crucial difference. She remarked, “I literally saved my own life just by asking for that.”

A few days later, she had the ultrasound, and the same day she received a call with the distressing news that the lump was highly suspected to be cancerous.

The young mom was told that she had six months to live.

Shortly after, Gritton found out that she had a really aggressive type of breast cancer. “Everyone was just devastated and couldn’t believe it, because we don’t have any history of breast cancer in my family on either side. My mom or my dad’s side, no cancer at all, really,” she says. “It was a shock.”

Just one week after welcoming her daughter, Gritton who also has a 3-year-old daughter was told that she had six months to live. It was too late, and the cancer had spread, and she had over a dozen tumors in her liver. “It was like the day after, and it was just all bad news.”

Fortunately, after the treatment she became cancer-free.

Throughout her six months of treatment, Gritton emphasized that she still made an effort to spend quality time with her family, cherishing every moment because she believed her time was limited. “I was taking in every second, trying to soak up everything,” she remembers. “I made a scrapbook, I wrote letters to my kids, I made videos, everything. I was trying to do everything I could.”

Luckily by the end of treatment, the results of tests showed no presence of cancer. “We were so happy after we found out there was no cancer in my body. We couldn’t, honestly, no one could believe it. It was really crazy and surreal.”

Now Lindsey spreads awareness about this illness online.

A year and a half after her diagnosis, Lindsey Parr Gritton is feeling better than ever. She’s cherishing moments with her family, celebrating milestones like her 30th birthday and her daughter Savannah’s first birthday. “It’s really surreal because I just didn’t think I’d be here. So every moment is just incredible,” she shares.

Gritton also shared her story online to raise awareness about breast cancer in young adults, and her videos unexpectedly gained popularity on TikTok. She’s also connected with others who’ve had similar experiences, forming meaningful friendships through social media.

Another breast cancer survivor Cynthia Nixon on the opposite battled breast cancer in silence, opting to keep it private. When questioned about her choice to keep it confidential and her fearless attitude, her response was truly poignant.


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