5-Days-Old Premature Baby SMILES and the Surprising Moment Goes Viral

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6 months ago

When a baby is lovingly conceived and carried for several months, any threat to its safety becomes a source of stress and panic. The situation intensifies if the mother is forced to give birth earlier than expected, leaving the parents in distress, unable to protect their premature baby. But one photo can make all the experience better.

Meet Freya.

A heartwarming image of a smiling Freya Vinje at just 5 days old is inspiring hope among parents of premature babies all around the world. Born at 34 weeks and weighing 3 pounds, 14 ounces, Freya faced uncertain odds of survival. She left her parents, Lauren and David Vinje, in doubt. Despite the initial worry, their baby blessed them with a radiant smile just days after the premature birth.

It wasn’t an easy journey.

Vinje detailed her pregnancy complications in a blog post on Birth Without Fear, revealing signs of preeclampsia in the 28th week, with her feet and ankles starting to swell and seeing flashing lights at night. Following multiple doctor visits, she was placed on bed rest. During the 34-week ultrasound, concerns about the baby’s heart rate led to the decision to induce labor. Despite complications, Vinje opted for a cesarean section.

The next day, the surgeon conveyed the unexpected nature of their situation. Freya’s cord was unusually short and was wrapped around her neck. If she had chosen to give birth naturally, it could end up stretching the cord too far, squeezing the cord around her neck, and cutting off the baby’s oxygen.

Describing it as a perfect delivery, everything went well. David, Freya’s father, expresses the joy of welcoming his daughter, stating that holding a tiny little baby was crazy, overwhelming, and amazing.

The viral photo

The photo capturing Freya’s smile brought joy to her parents, helping them maintain hope in the face of difficulty. Two years later, Lauren decided to share the photo with the world, offering comfort to other parents of premature babies through Freya’s beaming smile. The caption said, “She was happy to be alive!” For Lauren, looking at the photo made her realize that life was precious.

The uplifting snapshot resonated widely, accumulating over 50,000 shares and 11,000 comments. Parents joined in, sharing their own photos and narratives of their premature babies’ journeys.

In an interview, Lauren recalled wanting to share the photo because it brought her much joy, and she thought it could do the same for others. To Lauren, the photo is a reminder to everyone to always stay positive and take the positive side of things.

How is Freya now.

Now, at 9 years old, Freya is part of a family of six. She has three sisters and is living her best life. Reflecting on Freya’s growth, Lauren shared that Freya hasn’t changed, still being the same person as the photo shows. Lauren added that Freya is one of those kids who smile at everyone in the grocery store.

The biggest advice Lauren has to parents with preemie babies is to never give up. She emphasizes the importance of staying positive and staying strong. David also adds that having hope and believing in your child is crucial.


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