A Story of a Humble Teacher From Kenya Who Gave His $1,000,000 Prize to the Poor

6 months ago

Peter Tabichi, a Kenyan teacher, shot to overnight stardom by securing The Global Teacher Prize, the highest honor in the realm of educators. He outshone 10,000 other contestants from 179 nations and is returning home with a one-million-dollar prize.

Peter Tabichi teaches science in a small Kenyan village with 95% living in poverty. Classes are very crowded, with up to 80 students at times. Some students walk 4 miles to attend their classes.

Peter dedicates 80% of his earnings to aid students who couldn’t afford books and uniforms, enabling them to pursue their education. He’s also committed to using a significant portion of his award money to support impoverished individuals further.


In his post-Global Teacher Prize speech, Peter emphasized the challenges faced by the school due to its remote location, where most students hail from impoverished families struggling even to afford breakfast. He is determined to channel all his efforts into fostering a passion for education and, more specifically, science. His students have excelled in numerous national and international science contests, even earning recognition from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK. Many of his students have been admitted to universities as a testament to his dedication.

Every day, the school’s students and teachers grapple with the scarcity of fundamental resources, such as books and textbooks. However, those with a strong determination to succeed always discover a way. Given the absence of internet access at the school, Peter makes regular trips to an internet café to download materials for his lessons.


Beyond being a science teacher, Peter aspires to challenge the tradition of early marriages for girls by advocating for families to ensure their daughters receive an education. “As a teacher working on the front lines, I have seen the promise of young people — their curiosity, talent, their intelligence, and their belief,” he emphasized.

AP/Associated Press/East News

Peter declared, “It’s morning in Africa. The skies are clear. The day is young, and there is a blank page waiting to be written. This is Africa’s time.” “Africa’s young people will no longer be held back by low expectations. Africa will produce scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs whose names will be one day famous in every corner of the world.”

The Kenyan president congratulated Peter for his remarkable accomplishment, acknowledging his bravery and resolute spirit. He expressed, “Peter — your story is the story of Africa, a young continent bursting with talent. Your students have shown that they can compete amongst the best in the world in science, technology, and all fields of human endeavor.”

Such people truly make our world a better place! Want to read more inspiring stories like that? Then make sure to read the previous article of ours!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit TONY KARUMBA/AFP/East News


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