A Teacher Creates Monster Toys for Kids Based on Their Drawings and Warms the Hearts of Thousands

It’s hard to overestimate a school teacher’s role in a kid’s life. Together with parents, they shape their young personalities and help kids achieve something great. Teachers are the builders of a better tomorrow, and some even go the extra mile for their students and fill their school life with incredible adventures, just like today’s heroine, a woman from Melbourne, who turned ordinary schooling into a heartfelt experience for her class.

This teacher’s gesture was really one of a kind.

An Australian teacher recently became an internet star for the heartwarming deed she did for her students for Christmas.

She asked her 22 primary school pupils to draw their ’dream monster’ and weeks later gave them a huge surprise. She gave each of them a unique plush toy designed using their artwork.

The toys were so touching and cute that they created a stir not only among the kids but also among their parents. One of the parents, Reid Parker, took to Twitter with an appraising post. He showed some of the teacher’s masterpieces and suggested that teachers should be “paid more.”

The toys have become very special and memorable gifts.

Parker said in his interview that he didn’t expect “the accuracy” of what his kid brought home.

“I was spellbound by how amazing they all looked, so I asked the parents if I could wrap them into a larger post online,” he shared. The proud dad’s post was viewed 4 million times and liked by more than 108,000 people. He also shared that the kids loved their toys.

“We’ve gone home to New Zealand to visit family for Christmas, and the as-yet-unnamed toy has come with us. It’s a therizinosaur, which he saw recently in Jurassic Park Dominion,” he explained.

The parents decided to reward the teacher for her wonderful gesture.

Reid revealed that the teacher used to do the same for her students in the past and said it was why teachers should be paid more.

“Apparently, she rode around the neighborhood and dropped off the toys at each child’s house,” he said.

“Teachers are the people our children spend half of their waking hours with. They help to create the people those children are going to become. There are countless stories of people who credit inspirational teachers for their own success.”

The grateful dad started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the loving and kind teacher and encouraged people to donate to local schools in their area.

What kindest thing has your teacher done for you or your kids that you will never forget? We’d love to hear some heartwarming stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit ReidParker_ / Twitter


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