A Ukrainian Girl Creates Lovable Wool Sculptures That Will Make You Wanna Hug Someone Right Away

3 years ago

Ukrainian designer and artist Hanna Dovhan has the unique talent of being able to melt people’s hearts by creating sweet, felted wool sculptures. All her works are focused on love, positivity, and happiness. Hanna has her own Instagram page where she posts her adorable work. Whether it’s a couple of avocados or a family of croissants, you won’t be able to be indifferent to any of her work.

We at Bright Side respect every craftsperson that changes this world for the better and we fell in love with Hanna's art so much that feel eager to share it with you.

1. “We are a bunch!”

2. “Hold my hands and I’ll hold yours!”

3. A pair of pears

4. “Every morning, I need my coffee beans to wake up.”

5. Hot chili love

6. “Let’s go for an autumn walk.”

7. “My garlic half makes my life tastier.”

8. “Father, mother, and I”

9. Always remember to share your smile with the world.

10. Cucumbers need hugs too.

11. Bonjour!

12. “We are 2 halves of one whole!”

13. It’s time to have breakfast with baguettes.

14. “I can move mountains for you!”

15. “Together we will grow faster!”

16. “Crawl to me, my little snail!”

17. Mushroom pals

18. “Cipollino, where are you?”

19. “You are my better half!”

20. Tangled

21. “Oh my, eggplant!”

22. Avocado couple

Which of the artist’s works did you like the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit manooni_shop / Instagram


Awww, it would be such a perfect present to my loved ones! :3
Oh, this is adorable. I would love to get the acorns for my girlfriend! She would love them, I'm sure!

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