A White Cat Turns Up at His Home Covered in Pink Lipstick Kisses and Leaves Thousands of People in Stitches

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Cotton Candy is a restless cat who lives with his owner in Florianópolis in southern Brazil. One day, he brought an enormous portion of fun to his owners, coming home after an unforgettable walk. And not only his owners but thousands of people were left in stitches after reading the post dedicated to Cotton candy’s shenanigans. After reading their story, we bet you’ll have a massive laugh too.

Cotton Candy suddenly turned into a laugh-producing machine for his owners.

In a post on Reddit’s forum with 95,000 upvotes, Cotton Candy the cat was captured after seemingly receiving several kisses from a secret admirer.

The cat lives with his owner Arivane, 54, in Florianópolis in southern Brazil, and their house has a big backyard with many trees for cats to explore. The family also owns cats named Kimi and Xuxu. The oldest of the trio, Cotton Candy, loves to spend time outdoors playing in the backyard and sleeping under bushes.

When Cotton Candy returned home sporting the vivid signs of some human attention, his owners were literally in stitches.

“It all happened very suddenly,” Arivane said in an interview. “He appeared all kissed, and we didn’t know what had happened. We went to check and discovered a hole in the fence that surrounds our land.”

Usually, the owners keep their 3 cats within the confines of the family home with a fully screened backyard. But, after a quick investigation, the family discovered that someone had found a way around it.

“Cotton Candy, or maybe his lover, had lifted the corner of the screen so they could touch and kiss each other,” said his owner. “He is really very sweet and loving. He usually sleeps in our bed every day. So, we were very surprised by this new relationship, especially with the number of kisses he received from his beloved.”

Sharing the post on Reddit, Arivane wrote: “My cat showed up at my house like this today. Apparently, we have a cat lover on our street.”

The post now has more than 2,000 comments, and the users continue laughing at their situation. One user wrote, “Cat’s just letting you know they’ve got options.”

Preview photo credit Nabo92 / Reddit


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