A Woman Begs a Robber to Return Photos of Her Dog’s Last Day in a Note That Will Tear You Apart

4 years ago

You don’t know what memories are worth until you lose them. Then you realize they’re sometimes worth every effort on social media to bring them back. That’s what happened to a woman in Toronto. After being robbed of her dog’s pictures, she placed a sign on the street begging for him to return them, only to find out the internet stepped up to help her.

Bright Side is joining the efforts to help her find her memories by bringing you her story.

She desperately wants her memories back.

A woman in Toronto pasted a note on a lamp post close to the Lansdowne subway station, begging the burglar who broke into her house to return her camera’s memory card. The plea asks the robber to keep everything he took, including her cash but begs him to give her back the camera’s memory card.

This is her story.

This woman is a person who deeply cares about animals. Her beloved pet, Shelby, had been suffering from cancer. The camera’s memory card that she’s trying to get back contains her last treasures of the dog. “Please,” the woman begged, “it has photos of my dog’s last day alive in it. I cannot replace those photos.”

The Internet reacted and so did we.

The woman went on in hopes to touch the burglar’s heart. “She died a few days ago. I cannot lose those photos as well.” When Saoirse Morgan shared the photo on Facebook, the post went viral and many are sharing the story so that it reaches the robber and convinces him to return the memory card. “Thank you to everyone who sent a supportive message,” she said in an online conversation after finding out people were trying to help her. We felt compelled to join the efforts to help this woman find the last memories of Shelby.

The dog had received treatment but wasn’t responsive.

“I know who posted this poster. She’s an amazing woman and she’s gone through so much recently. Her dog was a rescue. About a month ago her dog went through surgery on her paw to remove cancer, only to later find out the cancer spread and not long after, she had to put her down. She gives so much to the Toronto community and people and animals everywhere. For people debating the gender of the thief: she spotted him on his way out. T’was a guy.”

People started giving advice out of nostalgia.

“People, please use Google Photos on Androids to back up your pictures. I have seen way too many pictures of loved ones that can’t be recovered when a few clicks in the built-in app could have saved them.”

Others are trying to help the dog owner find her dog-mate and give her hope.

“Tell her to check local pawn shops! I found my stolen camera and card and got them both back for free.”
“This is how my friend found her guitar that was stolen!”
“Can also confirm, aunt got her wedding ring back this way. Apparently, pawn shops have a period where they can’t sell items just in case they were stolen.”

It’s gotten people to share their own sad stories.

“I really hope she gets those pictures back. Someone stole my camera from me almost a year ago and it had some of the last pictures of my uni friends that I took. They live thousands of miles away so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to see them again soon. I really hope she is able to get them back.”

Some people were pretty mad.

“Oh this is awful on awful...I hope someone has a scrap of decency.”

One user was surprised about the level of honor portrayed in the note.

“That is so polite and heartbreaking I am crying.”

One kind heart wanted to start a fundraiser for her.

“Let’s get a Kickstarter made for this woman right now. We can’t replace her dog but we can replace her stuff and get her better locks. I’m broke but I will send her money if the story checks out.”

And some were incredibly touched.

“I never cried from a Reddit post but this really honestly had me tear up.”

We hope this woman gets to have her photos and memories back. Have you ever lost pictures you cherished? What did you do to recover them? What would you do to get back your puppy’s last photos? Tell us in the comment section.


That's really sad.. well, this is why you use digital copies on your PC and cloud services.

I hope she find her lost photos

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