Why a Boy Asked His Sister With Down Syndrome to Be His Bridesmaid and Promised to Make Her Life Extraordinary

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A man may have several significant women in his life, and while certain ties may be tighter than others, the one between a brother and sister is among the most precious. Even though we often quarrel and get into ridiculous arguments as siblings, at the end of the day, we always stand by one another. The story we’re telling you today exemplifies this, as we learn of the unwavering love of a brother who surprised his sister with Down syndrome with the sweetest proposal of all time.

He has been her safe haven since she was a child.

A brother will always be his sister’s protector and shield throughout her life, and Chris has done just that for his older sister, Brittany, who has Down syndrome. Despite being her younger brother, Chris has made it his life’s mission to remain by his sister’s side and provide her with all the happiness and love he can.

They’ve had a special bond since they were kids, and it has only gotten stronger and more intense over time. Because of how closely connected and dependent they are on one another, their special connection has shaped the trajectory of their whole lives.

Over the years, Chris and Brittany have grown to be able to lean on each other’s shoulders. Chris has always thought of Brittany as his best friend and has never missed an opportunity to tell her how much she means to him.

He does, in fact, dedicate lengthy, beautiful notes to his sister to show how important she is to him. Chris expressed his love for Brittany by writing about how she challenged him and taught him lifelong lessons. He claims that having a sister has allowed him to develop as a man and become the finest brother he could ever be.

Another significant woman stepped into Chris’s life.

Brittany was a blessing in Chris’s life, but he eventually found another important woman, the one he would be in love with for the rest of his life. And as he knelt down to propose to his girlfriend, Tatiana, he realized he had to take on another important role, the husband.

Even though his heart was now split between 2 people, Chris has never shied away from giving Brittany his all and making her feel like she is a part of every aspect of his life. However, he made his future wife aware of their unique sibling bond.

He says, “When you have a sibling with Down syndrome, you don’t take marriage lightly. From day one, I made it clear to Tatiana that Brittany and I were a package deal.” Therefore, over time, Tatiana has established a close bond with Chris’s special sister and now loves her “with every fiber of her being.”

He surprised Brittany with a special request.

Even though it required a lot of waiting, Chris and his future wife-to-be knew they had to have one very special guest attend their wedding. He writes, “We both agreed that there would be no wedding though unless Brittany could be there.” Indeed, because of Brittany’s particular situation, they had to be extra cautious when planning their wedding ceremony.

Chris says her health was a “main priority” for the pair, even though they only planned a modest gathering with close family and friends. Despite these constraints, once everything was in place, Chris astonished his sister via video call by asking a question that left her speechless.

“This is Brittany’s reaction after hearing we’re getting married and that Tatiana wants to make her the Maid of Honor” was the description accompanying Chris’s video as his sister learned about their special proposal. With floods of delight streaming down her face and the words, “Yes, I can,” Brittany gave off a priceless emotional show in the little clip.

“I wanted to give her the biggest hug and kiss! I was fighting back my own tears — it was such an emotional moment,” Chris said, confessing how touched he was by the whole moment.

The best brother she could ask for

In 2021, Chris and Tatiana exchanged vows, with his gorgeous older sister serving as the maid of honor. Brittany couldn’t have been more pleased for her brother as the pair realized their romantic dream. Later, he commemorated the momentous event in an emotional Instagram post.

Chris claimed that Brittany’s unwavering dedication and comforting presence drew Tatiana to him, calling her “a beautiful, strong, loving, independent, and faithful woman.” He added, “She is my rock.”

On that special day, the couple also directed some unique attention to Brittany, giving her a ring to seal her vital role. “Seeing how excited and moved she got reinforced how much she truly loves us,” he claimed. “I don’t know how I got this lucky having Brittany as my sister.”

Brittany is her brother’s best friend, and this won’t change, no matter what. Chris will stand by her side through good and bad because his purpose is “to make sure my sister has a good life, is protected, and is healthy.”

What kind of connection do you have with your sibling?


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