Actress Julianne Moore Reveals Her One Secret to Keep the Flame Alive in Marriage

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich are one of the couples that could make us believe in love again. Unlike most Hollywood couples who have on-and-off relationships, this special couple has been together for nearly two decades. And despite their ten-year age difference, Julianne and Bart are proof that happily ever after does exist and that the secret formula for a thriving marriage is simpler than you think.

We at Bright Side wanted to know what the secrets of a successful marriage are. Julianne Moore shares the key factors in finding stability, but mostly, happiness with her husband and how they have made it work through the years.

1. “It all started out unexpected.”

The love story of this couple began in 1996. Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich met when he was directing her in the movie The Myth of Fingerprints. Bart is a popular movie and television director, screenwriter, and movie producer.

When they met, Julianne was 35 years old, while her future husband was only 26. She addresses the situation as unexpected, but it kept going, despite the age difference. Whenever there was some kind of hesitation, the couple relied on the intense attraction between them that grew more and more with time.

2. “You both have to really want to be married.”

One of the special secrets that Julianne shares about her successful marriage is to be 100% sure that you share the same feeling of getting married as your partner. Everything is a balance, a relationship must be 50/50, and Julianne is aware of this.

She has seen situations where things don’t work out for people because one partner doesn’t want to be there. This is why she considers that both of them have to be really sure about the marriage decision as the most important factor.

3. “They have to make you laugh.”

Having fun is a very important factor for this couple when it comes to their relationship. Julianne says it’s important to spend time working out her marriage, but they both really need to have a good time.

Not everything has to be so serious, at the end of the day laughing next to your loved one is crucial. She confessed to Drew Barrymore during The Drew Barrymore Show that finding someone who really makes you laugh is key, and if they don’t make you laugh, it could complicate the couple’s dynamic.

4. “It does not feel like a long time ago.”

When they have been questioned about almost two decades of marriage, they are not surprised. Julianne feels like her relationship with Bart wasn’t that long ago when it all started, and that’s been a good thing. For them, it is as if age simply evaporated with time.

5. “Love to watch movies and play games.”

When it comes to spending time together, the couple enjoys doing at-home activities, such as watching movies and playing games. They are not drama-filled people and prefer to keep things simple. Like most couples, they sometimes disagree, but at the end of the day, they are usually on the same page.

6. “Marriage is the container for a family.”

Julianne Moore’s stance on marriage is strong. She deeply believes in marriage as it is the “container” of a family. For her, legal marriage is a way to express commitment and make it known to the world. The base of the family revolves around marriage, and it is important from the beginning to commit to it.

What is the most important factor for you to make a relationship last? Let us know here!


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