An Artist Creates Comics About Dinosaurs That Are So Human, We Completely Adore Them

3 years ago

Mental health issues can affect anyone, no matter what age, income, or lifestyle people have. And it turns out that psychological problems are not alien, even to dinosaurs! At least in the comics of Finnish writer James and Canadian artist K. who create illustrations about dinos that discuss their complex emotions with each other. And we bet you have never seen dinosaurs that are this human.

Here at Bright Side we love comics, especially when they are so relatable! Scroll down and count how many pics you recognized yourself in.

1. What you feel inside vs How you look getting a compliment

2. Overthinking about how much you’re overthinking.

3. It is kinda the same indeed!

4. No small talk, but no big talk either please.

5. Attention — something you want and don’t want at the same time.

6. Adventures are twice as much fun if you share them with a friend.

7. It’s tough to be a perfectionist.

8. Having a person in life who makes you forget the bad things is priceless.

9. Together is the key word!

10. It’s a wonderful wonderful world!

11. Find yourself a dino who doesn’t care that you don’t know yet.

12. The words that always work the wrong way.

13. The struggle of the first date

14. Always having a glass-half-full

15. When you have to go out with your friends, because you planned it when you were in a good mood:

16. Sleeping indoors is my favorite hobby!

17. Oh no I take what I said back.

18. Perpetual motion

19. I’m not crying...You’re crying...

20. 2 reasons

21. There it goes again.

22. And the award for dilemma of the year goes to...

Who’s your favorite illustrator on Instagram? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below!

Preview photo credit dinosandcomics / instagram


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