An Artist Creates Insanely Realistic Tattoos and Engraves People’s Cherished Memories on Their Skin

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We all may have photos in our family album that we think are worth all the treasure in the world. They’re so dear to our hearts that we are afraid to even think about losing them. The good news is that now we all have a way to never lose a precious photo again. A tattoo artist named Quang Phạm suggests people carry their most adorable memories right on their bodies in the form of a deeply realistic portrait tattoo.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but admire the precision and emotion that these tattoos have. We’d love for you to take a look at some of this tattoo artist’s work and imagine yourself carrying a photo of your nearest and dearest right on your body.

The artist’s work is now in high demand.

Quang Phạm is a Vietnamese tattoo artist located in Hanoi. His fame is rapidly growing, and he’s now invited to tattoo shows as a special guest. The artist is skilled at creating unbelievably fine and super-detailed portrait tattoos. Phạm works both with color and black and gray tattoo styles.

Creating a portrait tattoo is a scrupulous job.

As soon as people come to the artist with their personal stories and entrust him with a very precious task, Quang Phạm takes everything very seriously. Paying attention to every detail and spending plenty of time capturing the tiniest nuances and reflecting on the most vivid emotions is all in a day’s work. Some of Pham’s tattoos take up to 10 hours to finish, and we can only imagine how patient both the artist and the client must be throughout the process.

The artist treats every tattoo very personally.

On his Facebook page, the tattoo artist comments about how out of all of the ways to express love, a portrait tattoo is the most peculiar one. The artist loves making personal and emotional comments alongside pictures of his work. “The one who loves you but doesn’t say it. And the one you love but don’t say it. That person can only be a father,” said the artist in a comment about the tattoo he made of his client’s father.

Having heard so many life stories, the artist can’t help but get deeply involved in the lives of many families, and this helps him create memorable masterpieces on the skin of his clients.

Would you ever consider getting a tattoo of someone dear to you? Who would it be? Tag them in the comment section below to remind them of how much you love them.

Preview photo credit quangpham1610 / Instagram


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