An Italian Artist Explores the Zodiac Signs as Animated Characters in a Truly Sentient Way

year ago

Contemporary Italian illustrator Giulia Rosa presents an array of work that can go from a true sentimental situation to a conceptual pun in the blink of an eye. In her work, the female presence is dominant and possesses power, even when timid. Each scene has a strong dreamlike component that makes the final result ethereal and pleasant.

Today, we at Bright Side gathered some of the artist’s Disney zodiac series, where she explores the characters and plays with the conceptual ideas of signs.

1. Leo as Mulan.

2. Aries as Queen of Hearts.

3. Virgo as Elsa.

4. Pisces as Ursula.

5. Gemini as Rapunzel.

6. Capricorn as Pocahontas.

7. Scorpio as Maleficient.

8. Sagittarius as Jasmine.

9. Aquarius as Esmeralda.

10. Cancer as Mother Gothel.

11. Libra as Snow White.

12. Taurus as Lady Tremaine.

Was your favorite illustration the one with your sign? Or did you just get mesmerized by a specific drawing regardless?


These are all so well drawn... but I’m not really a fan of libra as Snow White because I don’t really like her... nevertheless these are still nice :)

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