An Old Blind Dog Gets a Young “Seeing-Eye” Friend to Help Him Get Around, and This Friendship Is Impressive

4 years ago

Golden retrievers are known for their dedication and concern for others. They are ready to save another dog’s puppies and protect their owners from wild animals. But it’s not just this that makes them unique. They are able to be friends and take care of each other. And we have a vivid example of unconditional friendship and assistance to prove it.

We at Bright Side were touched by the story of 2 doggies that have become best friends and now they are inseparable. This melts our hearts and brings us to tears of happiness.

Charlie, a beautiful old golden retriever, lost both eyes due to glaucoma. His mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Stipe, were worried about their pet and decided to give him a New Year’s gift. Charlie’s life changed from the moment he met this little guy, that soon became his best friend.

Maverick the puppy appeared in the Stipe’s house when they were waiting for their own baby. The expectant family wanted to have a dog that was the same age as their child so that they could grow together. But Maverick was not just any cute puppy.

He turned out to be a great friend and a valuable helper that brightened the life of the whole family, including their old dog Charlie. He noticed that there was something special about Charlie and realized that he would lose toys while they were playing. He’d go get them and bring them back to him so that they could continue having fun together.

Maverick eventually became Charlie’s eyes. He helps the old dog to orient himself in the space around them. They walk, sleep, eat, have fun, and play together. Charlie, in turn, teaches the puppy manners and good behavior. And they are both happy. Maverick helps Charlie to forget about his condition and become a puppy again, even despite the pain in his hips.

Do you have your own personal examples of animal friendship? We would like to hear your stories in the comments.


My kitten is the best friend with an old dog of my neighbours. This guy also doesn't see so good anymore, so my kitten always comes to play with him, he even brings the toys, and helps to orientate ?
And then people say dogs are silly and don't understand things?
This story proves one more time, they were all wrong!

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