“Angel on My Shoulders,” John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Cherish Family Vacation Moments

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3 months ago

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are living every parents’ dream while on vacation! The stars have decided to let the public have a peek into their tropical getaway, as they recently took to social media to share moments of their quality time together as a newly grown family.

It’s their first vacation “as a family of six.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend took to their Instagram accounts to share a series of captivating snapshots from their family vacation. Amid the picturesque scenes, the 37-year-old model and the 44-year-old singer basked in the joy of their “first vacation as a family of six,” as pointed out by the singer in one of the photos.

Embracing the tropical vibes, Teigen chose a stylish low-cut black bikini top paired with a gold necklace that accentuated her beachside elegance while cherished precious moments with her children. Legend captured the essence of the family time as he posted snapshots that included a selfie with his sons, Miles tenderly playing with his baby sister by the pool and Luna’s smile as she held Esti’s hands.

In a particularly endearing photo from their vacation, Legend seems to be having the time of his life with his 6-month-old daughter Esti. In the shot, the Grammy winner gives Esti a piggyback ride with a big smile on his face. The caption was perhaps the cutest thing of all though. “Angel on my shoulders,” he wrote.

Their youngest child was born via surrogate.

At the start of the summer, the star couple surprised everyone with the revelation that they had welcomed their fourth child together. In a long statement posted on Teigen’s Instagram, it was also revealed that the baby had been born via surrogacy, with the mom of 4 honoring the woman who carried the pregnancy, Alexandra.

“We want to say thank you for this incredible gift you have given us, Alexandra,” she said about the “most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate.” The name of the baby was chosen with the surrogate in mind as well. “And we are so happy to tell the world he is here, with a name forever connected to you, Wren Alexander Stephens,” Teigen added.

Many other celebrities have turned to surrogacy in order to grow their family. Although it’s a common arrangement nowadays, many women are still criticized for it. For example, Priyanka Chopra received hate online for using a surrogate, but she clapped back at the critics in the best way.

Preview photo credit johnlegend / Instagram


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