Ariana Grande Reveals True Feelings About Brother Frankie’s Nose Job

2 weeks ago

The “We can’t be friends” singer was just one of the many people who responded to her older brother’s Instagram post about his new nose. While some people might not be into guys getting nose jobs, Ariana has a different take on it.

Frankie Grande shared a photo of his new nose on Instagram last Saturday, July 6. His superstar sister Ariana Grande showed him some sibling love in the comments.

Frankie captioned the photo, “New nose. Who dis? 👃🏼❤️‍🩹,” and Ariana lovingly replied, “Perfect in all ways, always!!!!”

Frankie took Ariana’s feedback and the positive comments from other followers in stride, and on Monday, July 8, he updated everyone with a new Instagram post.

“Took my new nose out to see New York. She loved The Wiz,” Frankie wrote in the caption alongside a photo of himself on a New York City subway train.

Ariana responded three months after Frankie publicly thanked her on National Sibling Day, April 10.

Frankie expressed heartfelt gratitude on Instagram, praising Ariana as the best sister in the world who’s been by his side “through thick and thin”. He thanked her for supporting him and being there for important moments in his life and career. Frankie emphasized how proud he is of Ariana and the positivity she brings to the world.

The two-time Grammy winner has reiterated her love for Frankie — who also acts and sings — over the years. She supported him throughout his sobriety journey, and Frankie has now been sober since 2017.

Ariana also showered him with love when he married Hale Leon in 2022. “Two very incredible and cosmically destined souls,” she wrote on Instagram. “I love you both so much and wish you endless lifetimes of happiness, health, and lots of video games.”

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