As Johnny Depp Turns 60, He Reveals Why He REFUSES TO EVER Return to Pirates of the Caribbean

11 months ago

Despite widespread conjecture about Johnny Depp’s potential comeback to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, fans who are longing for his reprisal as Captain Jack Sparrow should prepare for a bitter letdown. Sadly, the now 60-year-old actor has decided against collaborating with Disney again.

Depp seems to have made up his mind.

Depp’s close associates affirm that he has permanently severed ties with Disney. The reason behind his stance lies in his profound resentment towards the studio’s abrupt termination of his contract during his legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Recently, the President of Disney Studios, generated global headlines by expressing the studio’s current lack of commitment regarding Depp’s return. This statement was widely interpreted as a strategic move to maintain a possibility for Depp, following his legal victory last year.

However, after carefully considering his options and preferences over the past few months, and on the brink of celebrating his 60th birthday, sources close to the renowned actor revealed that he holds no interest in participating in a Disney film. It seems that the wounds from his abrupt dismissal following the defamation trial still sting for Depp.

While Depp stated at the Cannes Film Festival that he doesn’t feel ostracized by Hollywood, his sensitive nature harbors anger towards the way the accusations unfolded. Consequently, he has made the decision to focus on a life detached from the entertainment industry, believing it to be the most favorable path for him.

According to a trusted friend, Depp has resolved that, regardless of the financial allure or the potential for cameo appearances, he will never entertain the idea of returning to this specific studio for any future film projects. Moreover, it appears highly improbable that he will succumb to the temptation of signing on for any studio film again.

He also refuses to collaborate with Warner Bros again.


It’s worth noting that it was not solely Disney that severed ties with Depp when turmoil emerged. For instance, even though he is the godfather to Tim Burton’s children and has maintained a long-standing friendship with the director, Depp will not make an appearance in the upcoming sequel to Beetlejuice, produced by Warner Bros.

This decision, as disclosed by his close friends, is at least partially attributed to his reluctance to collaborate with Warner Bros. once more, following their exclusion of him from the Fantastic Beasts franchise subsequent to his unsuccessful lawsuit.

The actor is up to a new beginning.

Depo Photos/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Having endured five years largely consumed by legal battles, Depp is now picking up the pieces of his career and directing his energy toward music, art, and the creation of independent films. After the Cannes event, the actor performed at the Albert Hall for two nights, playing the guitar surrounded by his heroes at a tribute to his friend, Jeff Beck.

Looking ahead, Depp plans to direct a film titled Modi, depicting 24 hours in the life of the artist Modigliani. While he will be behind the camera, others will take on the acting roles. Music remains his primary focus, with his supergroup consisting of Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry of Aerosmith currently working on their third album.

He surrounds himself with a close-knit group of friends, including his assistant, as well as actor Paul Bettany, who accompany him wherever he goes. Sources suggest that Depp has found a sense of Bohemian contentment within this golden circle of trusted and respected creative souls.

Depp made his point clear at Cannes.


Furthermore, Depp attended the official dinner after the premiere of his movie in Cannes but decided to skip the subsequent party, which began at midnight. A source close to him mentioned that he wanted to ensure he was well-rested for the media engagements scheduled for the following day. This choice suggests that the man who was once synonymous with decadence and a Byronic lifestyle may be embracing a somewhat healthier path these days.

In public appearances, Depp has adopted a trademark stoner nonchalance. When questioned about his removal from the Fantastic Beasts film following the trial, Depp questioned the significance of a boycott and dismissed the allegations as mere words floating in the air. He firmly rejects the idea of making a comeback, asserting that he never left in the first place.


Despite the numerous challenges he faced, Depp continues to captivate the audience. The acclaimed actor experienced an overwhelming reception at the festival’s opening night. He was visibly moved as the audience showered him and his film with unprecedented praise.

Johnny Depp, known for his versatile acting skills, recently showcased his rockstar persona by sharing the stage with Alice Cooper and his band, Hollywood Vampires, at a French festival. This marked his return to the music scene after a tumultuous period in his personal life.

In a surprising twist, ancestry experts have revealed that Depp shares a distant bloodline with the late Queen Elizabeth II. They are both linked to King Edward III of England, who ruled in the 1300s, establishing an unexpected connection between Hollywood and the royal family.

Depp’s commitment to his roles is evident in his preparation for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. He spent months living in a basement and hardly sleeping to get into character, a process that left a lasting impact on him and required a period of detox afterward.


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