Bette Midler Finally Admits That the Secret to Her Glow at 77 Is Plastic Surgery

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Now in her seventies, Bette Midler looks more radiant than ever before. And after years of speculation, the star has finally acknowledged that she had some work done on her face in order to keep the aging signs at bay. And we think that Midler’s honesty is empowering because she’s reminding us that there is nothing wrong with getting a nip and tuck from time to time if it makes us feel good.

Bette has done some “tailoring.”

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The movie legend revealed the secret on stage as she was giving her acceptance speech at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. She humorously noted, ’’Time has a way of smoothing everything out.’’

The 77-year-old continued, ’’I’ve been at it for close to 60 years...and I do look fabulous.’’ She then admitted, ’’I’ve had some tailoring done on my face.’’

She previously opened up about plastic surgery.

And even though Midler’s smooth complexion and ageless appearance made many people speculate that she might have received some cosmetic interventions, the actress herself never publicly addressed these rumors.

Despite her silence, the Grammy-winning actress once spoke out about plastic surgery in 2008 and confessed that she’d be open to getting work done in the future.

Back then, Midler noted, ’’Doesn’t everybody consider it? When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think.’’

Midler is a seasoned movie icon.

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And while she’s made enhancements to her appearance over the last few years, the career of this Oscar-winning actress requires no refreshing.

Midler has been in the industry for many decades now, and Hocus Pocus, which is one of her most memorable roles, has turned into a movie classic. In fact, 3 decades after its release in 1993, the actress made another iconic performance in the sequel, Hocus Pocus 2.

And Midler is not the only celebrity who is admitting to have cosmetic procedures done. You can read about other stars who opened up about their positive experience with plastic surgery in our previous articles (1 and 2).

And while Midler looks fabulous and seems very content with her decision, other famous women have confessed to having regretted going under the knife. You can read about them here.

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