Bindi Irwin Got Married at a Zoo and Paid a Sweet Tribute to Her Father

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A love that started blooming about years ago reached its beautiful destination when Bindi Irwin married her longtime boyfriend. And, as a tribute to her late father, the pair decided to have a simple wedding at Australia Zoo.

We are feeling the love here at Bright Side and would like to share the couple’s amazing love story and their wedding details with our readers.

The couple met back in 2013, at Australia Zoo itself.

Bindi’s now-husband Chandler Powell, who’s a professional wakeboarder, admitted in an interview that he’s a huge fan of Steve Irwin and has loved animals all his life. During his world series tour, he decided to pay the zoo a visit and luckily, Bindi was giving tours that day. It was love at first sight!

To make the long-distance relationship work, they wrote letters.

With Chandler living away, busy with his career, and Bindi flying to Los Angeles when she participated in Dancing With the Stars, the couple had no choice but to be in a long-distance relationship for years. In order to make it work, Bindi revealed she wrote sweet letters to Chandler and he flew out to meet her.

They got engaged on Bindi’s birthday.

Chandler moved to Australia to live with Bindi in 2018 and started working at the zoo. Rumors of the couple being married started circulating and on Bindi’s 20th birthday, the love birds made it official by getting engaged.

Finally, wedding bells were heard at their favorite place — the zoo.

Since then, the couple had been planning a grand wedding, which they wanted to televise, but due to unfavorable circumstances, Bindi and Chandler got married on the 25th of March at a small zoo wedding. In her Instagram post, Bindi revealed that the changes were “difficult” but “important” to ensure everyone’s safety.

However, the venue was always what Bindi wanted. “The most important thing is getting married here at Australia Zoo because this is where I feel closest to Dad,” she revealed about her plans after she got engaged.

On her big day, Bindi paid tribute to Steve Irwin.

Terri Irwin helped her daughter get ready and Robert walked his sister down the aisle at their father’s zoo. As a tribute to him, the newlywed couple lit a candle remembering and honoring Steve Irwin, and shed some tears. We wish Bindi and Chandler a happy married life!

What did you do to make your own wedding day special? Share your wedding photos with us in the comments!


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