Breaking: Kate Middleton Was Hospitalized and Won’t Likely Return to the Public Anytime Soon

6 months ago

Kate Middleton has been admitted to a hospital for a “planned abdominal surgery,” according to a statement released by Kensington Palace on Wednesday. Further details about the nature of the surgery or the specific reasons for it have not been disclosed.


Kate Middleton underwent a planned abdominal surgery and is expected to remain in the hospital to recover for approximately 10 to 14 days, as was announced by Kensington Palace officials. The princess, who is now 42 years old, was admitted to the hospital on January 16 for the surgery.

Following the procedure, it’s anticipated that she will not resume her public duties until after Easter, according to the statement released by palace officials on Instagram. The specific reasons for her surgery have not been disclosed, in line with the palace’s policy on maintaining the privacy of the royal family’s personal medical information.

In the statement, the palace acknowledged the public interest this news might generate. However, they also emphasized the princess’s wish to keep her medical details private, while also maintaining as much normalcy as possible for her children during her recovery period.

Following the announcement about the Princess of Wales’ recent surgery, there has been an outpouring of support and well-wishes from fans around the world. In the comment section of the Kensington Palace post, many fans expressed their thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.

One fan wrote, “Prayers to you and your beautiful family. We are sending you thoughts of love and healing!”

“Wishing her all the best for surgery and a speedy recovery too xx cuddles are the best medicine, sending peace, rest and love to all the family,” another follower shared.

Someone else commented, “Prayers for a full and speedy recovery for Princess Catherine; for peace and comfort and strength. Prayers as well for Prince William and the children.”

Although the palace declined to disclose the reason for Kate’s treatment officially, they confirmed that the condition is non-cancerous.

Prince William is expected to reduce his participation in public engagements during Kate’s hospitalization and immediately after her discharge. Additionally, he will scale back his duties in the subsequent period to support Kate and their children. There are no plans for the couple to undertake any international travel in the upcoming months.

Recently, the royal couple, together with their kids, posted a warm photo card. However, fans spotted some details in the pic that sparked concerns about Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Preview photo credit GEORGE ROGERS/SIPA/Sipa Press/East News


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