Christie Brinkley Shows Off Her Toned Body on Her 70th Birthday

4 months ago

Christie Brinkley, the famous supermodel, recently celebrated her 70th birthday and did it in style. She embraced the joy of getting older with excitement, putting her super-toned body on display.

Embracing aging with positivity

Brinkley shared a powerful message on Instagram, accompanied by stunning photos of herself in a black one-piece swimsuit. She expressed that turning 70 is nothing to fear. Instead, she encouraged everyone to make their seventies their favorite year by taking care of themselves, staying active, and approaching life with curiosity and humor.

“It’s up to you, it’s in your power, to choose to celebrate instead of cower. You know what to do, exercise and eat right, use your sunblock, and don’t sit under overhead lights! Be curious, explore, and go on adventures, just don’t forget to pack your dentures. Seriously, laugh and love with all your might...and I promise you 70 will be all right!” she captioned her photos.

A joyful surprise from her kids

Brinkley’s children, Jack and Sailor, surprised her with a beach party to celebrate her birthday. She shared pictures of the fun-filled day surrounded by loved ones. She continued partying the next few days and shared photos of herself wearing a bright red one-piece swimsuit, showing off her toned body.

70 never looked so good! Another actress in her eighties earned compliments from her bold photo. Read about it here.


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