Couple With 43-Year Age Gap Got Married Despite Harsh Criticism and Proved That Love Always Wins

Love can often be a difficult topic to talk about, especially when it comes to social norms and wealth. A billionaire with a net worth of $1.2 billion married a younger model with an age gap of 43 years between them, and his 7 children are questioning her intentions and criticizing their relationship. Despite this, the happy couple reminds us all that love is more than just money. Read on to dive into their story.

Love asks no questions, not even “How old are you?”

Meet Eduardo Francisco Costantini, a 76-year-old Argentine real estate developer who recently tied the knot with his lovely 30-year-old model partner, Elina Fernandez. They make quite a stunning couple! However, there are some skeptics in Eduardo’s inner circle who believe that Elina may be marrying him for his $1.2 billion estate.

It’s clear that they are head over heels for each other.

But, despite the naysayers, Eduardo has spoken out about his love for his new bride and Elina also couldn’t wait to show off her love for her new husband, as she shared some adorable honeymoon pictures alongside her doting partner. In fact, she referred to him as “the love of my life,”.

During an interview with a magazine after their wedding, Elina got real: “People criticize us on social media without knowing how pure our feelings are. Besides, I have an old soul, and he has a young soul. Out of us both, Eduardo is the one with the most energy, and it is difficult to keep up with him.”

Eduardo, the billionaire with a heart of gold, couldn’t help but sing the praises of his lovely wife, who just so happens to be a top Argentine model. He marveled at how she lives life to the fullest, tackling physical, psychological, and emotional challenges with gusto.

They soon decided to tie the knot.

With a job in fashion that takes her all around the world, from China to Japan and everywhere in between, she’s living the dream! Not to mention, she’s been slaying the modeling game for years and making a pretty penny while doing it. It’s clear that Eduardo is proud of his wife’s accomplishments and supports her in all of her endeavors.

The couple reportedly met at Eduardo’s museum and got married 9 months later in a luxurious ceremony in Alvear surrounded by loved ones.

Love knows no age, and Eduardo and Elina are proof that true love can blossom at any stage of life. Let’s wish them all the best as they embark on this new chapter together! Check out these articles too, before your leave:


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Best wishes to the happy couple. I hope they both have everything their hearts desire. You'd think that a prenup could have cast aside any doubt from those who think her motivation could be dubious, but maybe he didn't think he needed one 🤔. Who can say since it's not in the story. I hope the doubters are wrong.


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