Delivery Guy Takes Selfies With All the Neighborhood Dogs While Delivering Parcels and Goes Viral

7 months ago

Jason Hardesty, a member of the delivery company UPS, gained social media popularity by regularly sharing pictures of himself with the dogs he encounters during his work. We can’t decide which photo is the best.

In a recent interview, Hardesty revealed how his Instagram profile came to life, “I picked up a dog, just goofing around on a Friday. I took a photo with him, posted it on my Instagram and he got me more likes than I’ve ever seen. So every Friday, I try to keep up with that.”

When talking about the reaction of pet owners, he shared, “Owners are pretty cool when I ask to take a photo with their dogs because they’re like ... ’You’re going to make my dog famous!’”

On his Instagram, the followers’ reactions are always positive. “Thank you for creating this account and showcasing these beautiful animals. I’m so happy they make your day bright as you do your job!” said one user. While another one added, “Thank you for being such a wonderful human being and kind soul to the doggies.”

From his humble beginnings of sharing a single photo for fun, Hardesty’s Instagram account has blossomed into a celebration of love, compassion, and the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions. His dedication to remaining humble and hardworking has endeared him not only to the countless dogs he encounters but also to his UPS colleagues and supervisors.


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