Despite Being Trolled for Being Too Skinny, Nicole Kidman Proves She Is in Perfect Shape

10 months ago

While talking about body issues, we have to admit that it’s not just chubby people who suffer from online trolling but also those with thin and skinny bodies. And celebs often get more of this unwanted attention than ordinary people. Recently, Nicole Kidman became a ’victim’ of body shaming when some fans called her malnourished.

Fans commented that Nicole looked “too skinny.”

Recently Nicole Kidman was seen enjoying a private beach day with her family in Sydney, Australia. Her husband and daughters joined her, and Keith Urban went shirtless while Nicole wore a black long-sleeved swimsuit.

While Nicole had not gone to the beach to show off her body, some of the publication’s followers left unpleasant comments. One person criticized her figure, suggesting that it was the result of eating only one lettuce leaf per day. Others commented that she looked “painfully thin” or “malnourished.”

Despite the negative comments, some fans defended Nicole and expressed concern for her well-being. One fan suggested that she needed to gain weight, while another commented that she was so thin that she would disappear if she turned sideways.

Being skinny doesn’t mean you are malnourished.

Nicole Kidman’s recent photoshoot for Perfect magazine proves she is in perfect shape. In the photos, the 55-year-old actress strikes a power victory pose, flexing her arms like a bodybuilder with taut, highly detailed biceps. Her legs also show incredible muscle definition, making it clear that she’s as phenomenal as we’ve always thought she was.

The media even commented that Nicole looked “decades younger” than her age, appearing more like an elite athlete than a typical Hollywood actress. Even fellow Aussie, actress Naomi Watts, left a comment for Nicole: “Wowza, all of these pics! And those abs, Nic!”

Despite her toned body, Nicole admits that she eats everything.

Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/Broad Image/East News, ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News

Nicole Kidman has admitted to being a foodie but a terrible cook. She confessed that her chicken always turns out dry when she cooks for her husband, Keith Urban. However, Nicole is an adventurous eater who enjoys a wide variety of foods.

In a 2014 interview, she said that she’s not strict with her diet and eats almost anything in moderation. Her preferences include Australian delicacies like Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, lobster, and mud crab, as well as the classic “sausage sizzle.”

The key to staying fit is regular exercise.

Nicole Kidman enjoys staying active and has a love for fitness due to her family’s involvement in half-marathons while growing up. She currently participates in a mix of spinning, yoga, and running to stay in shape.

Kidman recommends variety in workouts, to avoid boredom, stating that she also enjoys going for walks with her family. ’"If you think you are going to wake up and run 5 miles every morning for the rest of your life, you’ll get bored and hit the snooze button after a week," she says. Nicole also shares her fitness journey on social media, posting pictures of her runs, hikes, and horse-riding sessions.

However, every time she steps out in public, she looks perfect.

Nicole Kidman attended the 14th annual event at the Polo Lounge wearing a navy blue tweed skirt with black tulle ruffles on the hem, which showed off her long legs.

Nicole shared a photo of her outfit on Instagram, which led fans to comment on her appearance. One person noted how “lucky” her husband Keith was, and another replied that they were “pretty certain” he cherished her. Others commented on the couple’s love for each other and praised Nicole’s figure.

Preview photo credit Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/Broad Image/East News, ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News


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