Here Are Times Our Beloved Pets Were Way Too Human

3 years ago

Psychologists suggest that we tend to see human behaviors in our pets as a sort of projection of our own personalities. But isn't it just so funny to see these adorable little creatures pull the most hilarious stunts?

1. When you find out you're pregnant:

2. "My friend's ball of fluff doing her Whitney Houston impression."

3. "My sister’s cat seems to have had enough."

4. Swan lake floof

5. Exhausted after a long day of being a cat

6. Cat Queen!

7. Support is crucial.

8. Getting some sunlight

9. We are out of maple syrup, Dave.

10. If you're having a hard time, here's a dog that just graduated from puppy training:

11. "I got the cast of a tiger!" – hear him roar.

12. Patriotic doggo

13. "Take a seat, human. We need to talk."

14. His type of a calendar

15. Goofing off with the pal

16. When your sis is mad:

17. Waiting for Daddy to come home...

18. Just chilling

19. Couples yoga

20. Perfect family

21. Here is Apple, she is super cool.

22. "A little to the left, please."

Did any of these pets remind you of yours? Share your best pet photos in the comments section below!


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