How to Know Which Underwear to Choose According to Your Body Type

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Undies are largely overlooked despite the fact that they’re a garment that is fully covered by different layers, which means it can affect each of them and, in turn, your overall look. Moreover, many people don’t consider their body type when choosing their panties even though this is a critical step not just to look good, but rather to wear comfortable clothes.

Types of underwear

1. Brief

They are the most traditional type of underwear. They are usually high-waisted. Since they cover so much skin, many people call them “granny panties.” This is the model people often choose when looking for comfort.

2. Bikini

One of the most popular types of underwear. Unlike briefs, they are low-rise, which is why they cover your body a little less. Generally, bikinis do not highlight your curves.

3. Boyshort

They are very similar to the briefs worn by men. They have low-leg openings and can be low-rise or high-rise. The latter is very comfortable because they cover a part of your lower back, offering a greater sense of security.

4. Scoop bikini

They mix two different styles of underwear: bikinis and briefs. Scoop bikinis cover more than traditional bikinis, but less than briefs. The back cut is straight, neither too deep nor too wide. Generally, scoops do not cover the navel, but lie a few centimeters below it.

5. Thong

Unlike the scoop-type cuts, this model shows a bit more skin. They are similar, but the thong panties leave parts of the buttocks uncovered. It’s recommended to wear seamless thongs for comfort.

6. High-Waist Panties

These panties can be handy when you want to be comfortable and secure. Being high-waisted, they keep the whole belly covered. For people having problems with underwear at the abdomen level, they can be an excellent solution.

7. Control briefs

They usually go up to the navel or higher, and some models even go up to the bra. They are like regular panties but with the added function of girdles. This type of underwear creates an hourglass-like silhouette.

8. G-String

This type of thong is basically a larger front triangle with a smaller rear, connected by a more or less thin band. It offers little to no coverage at the buttocks.

9. Micro thong

Unlike the G-String, micro-thongs are even thinners. They are ideal for wearing outfits where bulging panty lines could ruin your look.

10. Brazilian

Brazilian thongs provide the least coverage with the thinnest possible back and a low-cut front. The difference with regular thongs is that a very thin ribbon will always connect the back and front.

Body types and tips for choosing the right pantyhose

1. Robust top and high-waisted bodies

Regardless of your type, you may also have a robust upper body. In these cases, it is best to go for high-waisted underwear. Briefs are an excellent choice in this case. You should avoid wearing bikinis and lacy lingerie, as they are traditionally low-rise.

On the other hand, if you have a high waist and a long torso, the first and most important thing is to pay close attention to the rise of the underwear so that it adapts to the shape of your body. High-waisted cuts are ideal in this case too. Traditional panties are one of the most comfortable garments because they offer full coverage and cover your navel while still being comfortable to wear. Avoiding low-rise underwear such as bikini, scoop, or lace garments is a good idea.

2. Inverted triangle body

If you have an inverted triangle figure, that probably means you have narrow hips and an undefined waist. Scoops are a good and comfortable choice in this case. Choosing the right size is very important, though. Make sure you feel good when moving.

You can also try bikinis: they cover less, and if you choose the right size, they won’t show. Avoid undergarments that cover too much. Briefs, for example, could make you look flatter because of all the extra fabric they have.

3. Circular body

In this case, choosing high-waisted underwear, such as the aforementioned high-waisted briefs, is essential. Avoid excess fabric in the back as it can bulk and be seen in tight-fitting clothes.

Avoiding low-rise underwear like bikinis or scoop cuts can help when styling your silhouette. In this case, a common problem with underwear is that it tends to roll up. If that happens, it just means it’s too small, so your best choice is to get the right size.

4. Hourglass-shaped body

Bodies with an hourglass silhouette can benefit from scoops because they combine panties and bikinis. Lace underwear with high cuts on the legs is also a good option. You can choose different styles of fabrics and lace to wear. Many women with an hourglass shape have a more extended waistline; if so, high-waisted briefs can be very comfortable too.

A common problem in these cases is that the underwear tends to ride up in the back. It will definitely roll up if you have less coverage in the back. It is best to choose comfortable styles in your exact size. You can also wear thongs to avoid this drawback.

5. Rectangular body

Rectangular bodies need not avoid specific types of underwear. You can opt for lower cuts, such as bikinis, that show a bit more skin. Lace can also be a good idea: they cover less, and you won’t have to worry about them having visible lines.

While not mandatory, it’s best to avoid briefs, simply because they have so much fabric at the back of the hips that they create visible underwear lines when wearing fitted garments.

6. Triangle-shaped body

The key to choosing underwear when your body has a triangle or pear shape is to look for designs that accommodate tiny waists and wide hips at the same time. If you have a low core, try wearing thongs and G-strings. It’s probably better not to wear briefs since they will cause tension and discomfort. Besides, this type of underwear will create visible lines if you wear jeans.

Bonus: Tips for choosing comfortable underwear

  • Elastic bands are by far the most important part of your panties. Whether your undies will ride up largely depends on the amount of fabric your body type needs. Still, don’t forget that wide elastic bands are always a safe choice in that sense. Think of briefs or scoop cuts as safe cuts. You can also look for elastics made of lace, as they are more likely to stay in place.
  • Print and color play a vital role, so let them do their job. You could avoid wearing white or beige underwear, but choose models with lots of polka dots or flashy colors, such as pink and purple. Just beware of lace around the leg openings because it can irritate them. On the other hand, lots of lace in the front can be stylish.
  • Measuring your waist and hips is essential. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll discover; all bodies are beautiful. Knowing your actual waist and hip measurements is essential to choose underwear in the right size and, in turn, having comfortable undies. Besides, wearing tight underwear can lead to various health problems because it interferes with blood and air circulation.
  • Cotton is the best choice if you are looking for a comfortable, breathable, and easy-to-maintain fabric, making it one of the best fabrics for everyday wear. Cotton undies can be hand washed frequently and are comfy and soft. However, if you’re going to work out, you may want to consider a fabric with more stretch that is still breathable.
  • Brands differ in size; for example, the medium size of one brand may not be the same as the next. Therefore, checking the labels and reading the actual measurements is essential. Doing so will give you an idea of the exact size you are looking for.
  • Opt for synthetic fabrics if you want fit underwear. Cotton undies aren’t always fitted and are often visible underclothing. Thinner materials such as nylon, lycra, or spandex are excellent options. Just make sure your upper crotch is mostly in contact with cotton fabric for your comfort.
  • Don’t forget to buy underwear that combines well with your skin tone.
  • Always remove labels. They can cause severe discomfort to the skin. You can save them somewhere for future reference in case you want to double-check instructions and brand or even size.

Now, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to pay attention when choosing our underwear. What do you usually look for when buying this type of garment? We’ll read your answer in the comments section.


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