My Husband Allowed His Friends Discuss My Appearance and Even Called Me “Ugly”

5 months ago

When we get married, we expect our spouses to treat us in the best way possible. If we have any insecurities about our looks, our nearest and dearest may help us embrace our appearance and fall in love with ourselves.

But our today’s heroine has a totally different story. Her husband made a huge mistake and went too far in treating her exceptional appearance. And now the woman is totally frustrated about her family life and needs advice and support.

A woman began her story with admitting her insecurities.

A woman, 28, made a heart-wrenching post in one of the Reddit communities. She went under the nickname “uglywoman”, which already gave people a hint that she’s very much concerned about her looks. She began her story, saying that she considers herself an unattractive woman. She admitted that she’s always been this way, and she has already accustomed herself to this belief about her appearance. She confessed that she’s had a tough life because of her insecurities, and it has never been easy for her to live a normal and full life.

The woman met her husband four years ago. She is obviously in love with this man, as she speaks of him as “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” She wrote that her husband has always and frequently told her she’s beautiful, and somehow sounded honest, without sounding like the woman’s own mom. She didn’t feel like her husband was paying her compliments, just like someone without another option to answer.

The woman’s life turned upside down on an ordinary Saturday evening.

The woman continues her story, saying that one day, she experienced not the best feelings of all. There was an ordinary Saturday, and her husband decided to invite a group of friends over to their home. They used to meet several times a month to hang out, catch up and play games. Her husband has known most of these guys since high school.

The woman wrote that at the time of their meeting she was upstairs in the kitchen preparing snacks. She was able to hear them in the basement and began to eavesdrop, which she admitted was rude, but it wasn’t really intentional. She then realized they were talking about her. What is worse, a couple of guys were teasing her husband about her, specifically about her looks. The woman writes, without even trying to hide her pain, “I could tell it was supposed to be funny. It was not.”

Her husband’s reaction was totally not what she had expected.

The woman goes on with her story, revealing that there was a point where one of her husband’s friends referred to her as a “troll” and her husband blew up. He started shouting: “Listen, I know that my wife is ugly, but shut up. She makes me happy. Does your bimbo of the week do that, Jim? Dave, how long has it been since we’ve hung out, and you haven’t complained about your wife?”

The man went on for a while, “defending” his wife. But all she could hear was “I know she’s ugly, I know she’s ugly, I know she’s ugly” again and again in her head. It just broke her. The woman writes, “I’ve always known I’m unattractive, but HE isn’t supposed, too! He tells me I’m beautiful so sincerely, and consistently, I’d started to actually believe he thought that.”

This incident left a footprint on the woman’s soul.

The woman describes her emotions further in her post. She wrote that she started to cry and ran into a shower so no one could hear her. When she came out an hour later, everyone had gone home, far earlier than normal. She went to bed and then hasn’t spoken to her husband all day. She thinks she’s been able to avoid letting him know she’s upset, or avoiding him.

She knows rationally that what he said was true and sweet, and that she should be happy he loves her and not her body, but this doesn’t seem to matter to her. As she confessed, she just wants to be pretty. She wrote that “Part of me wants to call him a liar to scream and yell and cry, while the other part just wants to run away and never have to talk to him again and acknowledge that even the greatest man I will ever meet can’t find me attractive.”

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