I Refused to Pay a Babysitter for My Friends’ Kids, And I Wasn’t Sorry

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Deciding whether to have kids is your own decision, and everyone has their reasons for it. But we should all agree that parents shouldn’t ask their friends without kids to pay for babysitting. Well, that’s what we believed until we heard about a woman facing this exact problem.

A dilemma shared by a woman.

I’ve been hanging out with the same group of girlfriends since high school, a total of five of us. They all have kids, except me. We used to go out for dinner once a month, but recently, the group decided to hire a babysitter so we could have a night out without the kids. It costs $100 for 2–3 hours of babysitting.

After dinner, we take turns paying the bill, and then they all head back to the babysitter’s place to pick up the kids. This week, it was my turn to pay, so I did. But when I got home, I got a bunch of angry texts from the group saying I owed $100 for the babysitter. I was confused because I thought I’d already paid for dinner.

Their explanation? Since it was my turn to pay, I should also cover the babysitter’s fee because «we all get to enjoy a night out without kids.» But I argued, «I don’t have kids. Why should I pay for your babysitter?» They said, «You still get to hang out with us without kids.» I’m refusing to pay, but my friends think I’m being unfair.

No one actually talked to me about covering the babysitter’s fees. They all just assumed I would be okay with continuing to exchange payments every week, even including the new costs. It’s puzzling to me why they made that assumption without discussing it with me first. Am I wrong for refusing to pitch in for babysitting when I don’t have any kids?

Both parents and individuals without children joined to share their points on the problem.

  • «I have your back here, that’s crazy town. Makes no sense and not one of them can see it? Sorry guys, I love your kids....but your offspring....your babysitter.» © Iud*ehard11 / Reddit
  • «The entitlement is astounding. Do they want you to pay for the privilege of their company? Only you? Are they footing the entire bill — babysitting included when it’s their turn to pay? Do they need a sitter? Surely at least one of them has a significant other or baby daddy who can watch their kid when it’s dinner date day.» © HunterDangerous1366 / Reddit
  • «4 people can’t each pay $25 for the babysitter? Honestly, that’s a pretty good rate for a night out.» © NoFee4250 / Reddit
  • «That’s a very interesting perspective from your friends. It’s also crazy. I’ve heard a lot of excuses from parents who think the world should pay for their choice to have a child-free night, but this is at a whole new level. I’d have a hard time not laughing at this request. You paid for their dinner like you all do. If you’d been told beforehand that you were also on the hook for $100 of childcare and agreed to pay it, fine. Not sure why you would but they can’t pull this on you after the fact. This is a hard no.» © forgetregret1day / Reddit
  • «I don’t think you’ll win this battle in any satisfying way. Four sets of entitled parents have decided you should pay for their choices. They’re not going to change their minds when they have the majority, and it benefits them so much.» © LittleMsSavoirFaire / Reddit
  • When you have kids, you take on the financial burden of caring for them, and yes, getting a babysitter is part of that responsibility. You didn’t impregnate them, so it’s not your duty. What a ridiculous notion. You enjoy the freedom of being child-free every day without any cost. They experience the joy of having children every day because that’s what they desire.
    © HunterDangerous1366 / Reddit

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