I Refused to Share My Jacket and Shoes With My Girlfriend and She Is Mad at Me Now

2 months ago

Some people may think that sharing a jacket with your girlfriend is a romantic gesture, but not everyone feels the same way. One Reddit user has recently sharedstory of how he refused to share his jacket with his girlfriend and how she reacted to it.

Here is how the story went: “I have a girlfriend. We’ve been together for 9 months and the relationship is great. I’m a very chivalrous person, opening doors, walking by the road, giving her my jacket when she’s cold, taking her out on dates, and such.

Recently I have noticed she had picked up a habit of intentionally leaving her jacket behind and asking for mine, and not packing ballet flats when we go out. Because of this I always give her my jacket and shoes when we go out, so I am cold and barefooted. I would have been carrying her instead, but I have back issues and putting any form of pressure on my back is not advised.”

“I asked why she stopped bringing those along, and she said she can’t find her ballet flats and kept forgetting her jacket. To avoid this happening again I bought her a new pair of flats and kept them in my car. It has been raining the past few days, so the weather has been colder than usual.”

“2 days ago we went on a date again, and before we left, I reminded her several times to pick up a jacket in case it started raining. Just as we were about to leave, I asked her one more time to pick a jacket, and she said she had it in the car.

Fast-forward to after our date, we were taking a walk when she said her heels were hurting her feet and she was feeling cold, so she wanted my jacket and shoes. Mind you it rained a bit while we were on our date, so the grass was wet and muddy. I told her to wait for me on a bench, so I quickly grabbed her shoes and jacket from the car.”

“She was hesitant and insisted she wanted mine, but I told her that hers was in the car, so I’ll just grab it so we can both be comfortable. Turns out she had no jacket in the car. I was obviously annoyed at this point, so I called her to come to the car and that we were going home.

She was mad at me and said that I was petty for ending a date because of a common jacket. I told her that wasn’t the issue, that it was the fact that she had lied about picking up a jacket. Yes, I would have been frustrated if it was a mistake again, but when I realized she did it on purpose, I refused to give in.”

The post got more than 3k comments and here are the most popular ones:

  • She is testing your boundaries. darobk / Reddit
  • In a decade of being together, I wore my so’s shoes once. We were on holiday and walked so much I got a literal hole in my shoe, so he allowed me to wear his while he went on slippers to a nearby store to get new shoes. It was a very sweet gesture that I’ll always remember.
    I’ve also learned to bring my own spare shoes, and I definitely accept aborting current plans if we find an unplanned situation like that. If she just wants a jacket that he’s worn she can ask in advance if he can bring a spare. Letting him go cold means she likes being treated like a princess but doesn’t really care about his comfort. Which is unacceptable. Violetsme / Reddit
  • Sounds like it’s not even that she doesn’t care about his comfort. I may be terminally on Reddit, but to me, it sounds like she WANTS him to be uncomfortable as some sort of show of love for her. Like “if you really love me, you’ll sacrifice your clothes and shoes for me just because I demand it.” vonsnootingham / Reddit

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