Here Is the Reason Why I Completely Stopped Shaving My Body

2 months ago

Beauty standards fluctuate every decade, and these days body hair has become more and more acceptable. Orim, a TikToker, constantly flaunts her body hair and encourages other women to embrace their natural selves. In a video, she reveals how one of the surprising outcomes of not shaving is that men stare at her less.

Orim is not afraid of flaunting her natural body hair.

The TikToker, who constantly posts body-positive content, including sharing tips about plant-based diets, is not afraid of showing off her body hair in her videos. She has admitted that she “loves being a hairy woman” and advises her followers to embrace their natural hair as well. “You’ve been conditioned to believe that women should be hairless,” she says in one video.

“I get comments daily about how my armpit hair is unhygienic,” she said in another video. “Just like any other part of our body it’s only unhygienic if you don’t clean.” In a viral video in which she talks about her experience as a hairy woman going out in public, Orim says her body hair “serves as a pervert creeper repellant.”

As soon as she stopped shaving, less men would stare at her.

In the video, she recalls going to the supermarket wearing shorts. “We walk into an aisle, and at the other end, there’s an older man. Immediately, he’s staring.” The man began to come closer and kept staring until he caught a glimpse of her leg hair and immediately looked away. “He was done — and the satisfaction that I got from that...immaculate!”

Orim explained how this kind of attention is not wanted by women, and how it is more important for women to be respected rather than stared at. “We want to be seen as human — and it’s sad that sometimes it takes body hair to make you see me that way,” she said. Her message went viral, with the video receiving over 11 million views and 2 million likes. One commentator agreed she does the same thing, “I lifted my arm to show my hair multiple times when men stared at me.”

Her huge audience approved of her message, with many saying they were ditching the razor too.

“It’s taken years to not care how hairy I am,” wrote one comment. Another admitted, “There is so much wisdom and courage in what you say and do! Thank you that you give others the courage to be yourself!” Her video empowered many others to follow suit and support her message of embracing natural bodies.

Ditching the razor has become increasingly popular in the past few years, like with this woman who stopped shaving for years and now earns 5 figures just from her body hair.

Preview photo credit orim / TikTok


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