“I Want to Replace the Need to Look After my Mom,” Cara Delevingne Reveals She Wants to Freeze Her Eggs

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At 30, Cara Delevingne is one of the world’s highest-paid models — and perhaps the only one with the word ’bacon’ tattooed on her foot — in addition to her growing acting career. The actress-model is among the few celebrities who have spoken openly about mental health struggles. And she recently revealed to her fans her longtime desire to become a mother while embarking on a positive new chapter.

She has always strived for motherhood.

Cara Delevingne, 30, disclosed that she has had aspirations of raising children since her teenage years. “I’ve wanted a kid since I was 16. I want babies so bad,” the model shared. She acknowledges that her longing to become a mother stems from watching her mother’s struggles. “Back then, I would not have been ready, of course. I just wanted to replace the need to look after my mom with a kid of my own,” the model reflected.

However, recently the model-actress intends to freeze her eggs soon to make her dream finally come true one day.

She had a stressful upbringing because of her mother.

It was a tumultuous period when Cara’s mom, Pandora, a socialite and former personal shopper at Selfridges, was dealing with mental health issues. Cara and her 2 sisters have suffered from abandonment and lack of consistency from the side of their mother, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over 30 years ago.

Delevingne has previously spoken about her upbringing, explaining that it was “very stressful” due to “quite a bit of chaos.” She stated, “Everyone has something they go through with their family. My life, I feel, was very stressful because there was quite a lot of chaos.” In addition, Cara found her school years challenging as she struggled with a developmental condition called dyspraxia.

Cara stated, “I was happy as a kid for sure, then as a teenager, it just all came plummeting down... There was this need to escape and change my reality as I was hit with huge questions: What am I doing here? Who am I trying to be?”

She works hard to overcome her mental health issues.

In addition, Delevingne opened up about her mental health struggles. The Suicide Squad actress, who later came out as queer in 2020, believes that her experiences have given her a sense of purpose to help others by speaking out about her struggles with mental health. “The one thing I’m happy about growing up queer and fighting it and hiding it is it gives me so much fire and drive to try to make people’s lives easier in some way by talking about it,” the actress-model revealed.

Delevingne is currently in a relationship with singer Leah Mason, also known as Minke, and is presently prioritizing her well-being and taking life “second by second.” She recognizes the importance of her career but believes that her self-work is the most crucial aspect of her life for the time being.

Furthermore, reflecting on her participation in a show she produced, the model admitted, “I only learned how to express my emotions when I was acting because I didn’t feel deserving enough to feel those emotions as myself.” She went on, saying, “I was just so uncomfortable in front of the camera in the beginning because it was like, oh... I’ve gotta be myself.”

In 2022, images surfaced of the model-actress in a troubled state at a California airport. However, she has since taken a positive step forward by seeking help at a rehabilitation facility. Now she is back in shape and ready to focus on achieving her long-term aspirations.


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I hope that she has the support and help that she needs in her life and that she has continued success in her mental health journey, as well as her career.


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