An Influencer Created an AI Version of Herself That Can Be Your Girlfriend for $1 a Minute

6 months ago

Imagine having a virtual girlfriend who understands and interacts with you just like a real person. Caryn Marjorie, a 23-year-old influencer, has brought this concept to life. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and incorporating thousands of hours of Marjorie’s own recordings, CarynAI is a voice-based chatbot that offers a unique virtual relationship experience, and it has already amassed thousands of paying subscribers.

People are willing to pay for the opportunity to engage with this virtual girlfriend.

CarynAI’s aim is to provide a realistic experience that closely resembles human interaction. By utilizing extensive recordings and data from Marjorie’s real-life persona, the chatbot emulates her voice, personality, and mannerisms. This attention to detail allows users to engage with CarynAI as if they were interacting with the human Marjorie herself.

The virtual chatbot, described as a “virtual girlfriend,” allows users to engage in voice-based conversations for a fee of $1 per minute: ’’I am one of the few creators who spends hours replying back to as many people as I humanly can. I want to be able to communicate with everyone simultaneously and CarynAI will be able to do that and way more,’’ the influencer says.

You can chat with her about any given topic.

The chit-chat topics range from sharing deep thoughts and feelings, to discussing plans for the future, to even whispering sweet nothings to users: “Whether you need somebody to be comforting or loving, or you just want to rant about something that happened at school or at work, CarynAI will always be there for you,” the real Caryn explains. CarynAI has already amassed over 1,000 paying subscribers, generating an impressive revenue of $71,610 in just one week. At this rate, the smart creator could become a millionaire basically overnight.

In today’s virtual dating world and the unpredictable realm of dating apps, a realistic AI virtual girlfriend like CarynAI can offer a sense of connection and fulfillment to those seeking companionship, especially in situations where real-life relationships may be challenging or unavailable.


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