Internet Users Photoshop Birds With Human Arms and the Results Are Too Hilarious

3 years ago

Animals are undoubtedly the most adorable creatures on this planet and there is nothing funnier than watching them act like humans. This is why many internet users have put their Photoshop abilities to use and added arms to various animals, making them look like human beings.

Bright Side has gathered the most hilarious and smart retouches where animals have been gifted with arms.

1. This is every dad when a new guy comes to take his daughter to prom:

2. Maui from Moana with a beak

3. So long, friend.

4. Sunday morning

5. When people try to act cool:

6. Starring in the new production of "Chicken Lake"

7. The Chicken-ator

8. Women vs men at the beach

9. It's such a shame shaving this hair:

10. Just dropped a new album.

11. If Celine Dion was a smurf...

12. Long necks are known to be weak.

13. Hey, keep it PG, please!

14. And you'd think that my natural fur was enough to keep me warm...

15. Let me show you how it's really done.

16. Some birds sing. Some birds rap.

17. Just a casual birthday with a cake and a beer.

18. Because beauty like this doesn't just happen.

19. Let's see what all this fuss is about...

20. How I walk when I see a hot owl approaching:

21. Coffee break

22. Desert musicians

23. Jay-Z vs Jon Snow

24. Who says I can't own a dog?

Did these photos make you laugh? What do you think life would be like if birds had arms? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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