Internet Users Share Photos of Their Moms and Grandmas. The Beauty of 20th Century Women is Fascinating

4 years ago

Every time period has its own beauty standards. But it seems to us that the girls from the previous century were especially beautiful because they look more natural. In order to prove this, their children and grandchildren started a small forum online.

We at Bright Side couldn’t stop looking at these photos of mothers and grandmothers from the past. And, we couldn’t wait to share these wonderful photos with you.

1. My grandmother, 1950

2. “My beautiful grandmother in the 50s-60s”

3. “This was what my grandmother looked like when she was young.”

4. “My grandmother is a Cossack noblewoman, 1942”

5. “Ludmila Fedorovna, my grandmother, 1935”

6. “This is my mother.”

7. “Here’s my grandmother Raya in 1937. She is in the center of her classmates in the white dress.”

8. “My great-grandmother”

9. “My grandmother was a very trendy girl.”

10. “My beloved grandmother, 1953”

11. Wedding day

12. “Grandmother Ludmila, the second half of the 50s”

13. “My mother is 19 years old, 1966”

14. “An old photo of my grandmother”

15. A more natural look was a normal thing in the past.

16. “My grandmother had a wonderful braid.”

17. “This blonde is my grandmother.”

18. “This is my mother. Marilyn Monroe had no chance!”

19. A photo of a girl from Riga

20. “My mother in the 60s”

21. “This was my grandmother in 1952.”

22. Friends in 1940

23. “My grandmother in 1961”

24. “This is my mother.”

25. A photo of a girl with eyes you can drown in

26. “This is my grandmother.”

Do you have old photos of your mother or grandmother? Share them in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Marianna Kofmann / vk


What beautiful ladies. I should share a picture of my mother. Looked like a sister to Liz Taylor.

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