Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on Being Nominated in the Same Oscar Category as Her Late Mom 62 Years Ago

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Jamie’s first Oscar nomination at 64 is more than just a big professional achievement for the actress. This honor represents a beautiful nod to her mother, actress Janet Leigh, who was also in the Best Supporting Actress category for her work in Psycho in 1961.

The actress’s Academy Award nomination is for the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once which already won her a SAG Award in February. And even though Curtis fully deserves this nomination for her great performance, she admitted, ’’I never thought that would happen.’’


In fact, the star has big shoes to fill given that she is the daughter of 2 Hollywood legends.

She noted, ’’Like my parents and their fame and their stardom was so legendary that I’ve never felt like I would be anywhere near the level.’’ The actress then proudly added, ’’It’s a beautiful link. It’s a lineage link.’’

Jamie Lee indeed comes from Hollywood royalty. In fact, her mother, actress Janet Leigh was 33 when she was nominated for her portrayal of Marion Crane in the classic movie Psycho. And although she didn’t take home the Oscar, she won the Golden Globe for the same role.

And just 2 years earlier, her father, actor Tony Curtis was also an Academy Award nominee for his leading role in The Defiant Ones.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/East News

Needless to say, the beloved actress has paved her own way in the industry regardless of her parents’ fame. She noted, ’’Now, yes, I have my own legacy and my own life.’’

However, despite being one of the most successful and beloved performers in Hollywood, Curtis makes sure to not get too carried away by the glitz and glamour that comes with fame. She admitted, ’’But my life, which is my real life, and the fantasy life of show business, is not something that I sort of put much attention to.’’

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

Jamie Lee isn’t the only actor from Everything Everywhere All at Once who is being recognized thanks to an amazing performance. Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian Best Actress Oscar nominee thanks to her leading role in the film.

We wish Curtis the best of luck in her nomination, and if you want to read more about this fascinating actress, check out our previous articles about her (here and here).


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