Jennifer Garner Gets Emotional on Her Daughter’s Graduation and Tons of Celebrity Friends Comfort Her

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Jennifer Garner has openly shared the emotional rollercoaster of watching her eldest daughter, Violet Affleck, graduate high school. The 52-year-old actress posted a heartfelt and teary slideshow on Instagram, capturing her raw feelings during the milestone event.

A series of emotional snaps

In the first couple of photos, Garner is seen clapping with tears streaming down her face at the graduation ceremony. She wipes her eyes, clearly moved by the occasion. The Alias actress continued the emotional documentation with a pair of photos of herself crying on a plane, contemplating how she would manage this significant transition.

The slideshow ended with a humorous picture of Garner in “2024” sunglasses, attempting to add a lighthearted touch to her emotional journey.

Co-parenting with Ben Affleck

Violet, who turned 18 in December 2023, is the eldest of three children Garner shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck. The former couple, who divorced in 2018, also co-parent Seraphina and Samuel.

Garner’s Instagram post did not feature Affleck, leaving it unclear whether he attended the ceremony. However, the pair has maintained a cooperative co-parenting relationship since their split.

Support from fellow celebrity moms


Garner’s post quickly garnered supportive comments from fellow celebrity moms. Reese Witherspoon, who has experienced similar emotions with her own children, commented, “Oh honey... I know. You have done a great job, mama! I will be here for support and lots of hugs.” Gwyneth Paltrow also shared her empathy, stating, “I’m sooooo with you.”

Gina Torres, known for her role in Suits, reflected on the profound mix of emotions involved in watching a child graduate. “Oh, sweet mama!!! You’ve kissed every boo boo and read every story and have made 5 am bread and muffins. All while living your own big life. You done AMAZING!!!,” she commented, capturing the complex feelings shared by many parents.

Garner had previously shared that Violet was managing the stress of college applications “like a champ.” Now, as Violet prepares to embark on her next chapter, Garner is left to navigate the bittersweet reality of her daughter growing up.

Jennifer Garner’s heartfelt post not only celebrated Violet’s achievements but also highlighted the deep, emotional bond between a mother and her child. As she navigates this new chapter, Garner’s candid expression of her feelings resonates with parents everywhere experiencing similar transitions.

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