Kim Kardashian Playfully Suggests Her Family ’Scammed the System’ to Get Famous: “We Aren’t Supposed to Be Here”

7 months ago

In a recent revelation, Kim Kardashian playfully hinted that her family might have beaten the system to achieve their extraordinary fame, reflecting on their surprising journey from ordinary beginnings. She also revealed some other secrets.

Kim Kardashian is really surprised by how famous her family, the Kardashians, has become.

Kim Kardashian, the person behind SKIMS, was really surprised that her family became super famous. She talked about it during the last episode of The Kardashians when they were celebrating Scott Disick’s 40th birthday. Kris Jenner, who knew Scott for a long time, mentioned that he was there from the very beginning of their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Scott joked that he thought the show wouldn’t go anywhere. Later, Kim also spoke about how she’s known Scott for 19 years and thanked him for supporting her through everything. They teased Kim about being on the cover of a dog magazine, and she joked that she doesn’t even like dogs.

“Anything for a cover!” Kim stated.

When Scott pointed out how much she has achieved, being a lawyer and a Vogue cover model, Kim quietly said to the group, “Guys, we scammed the system. We did it! Whatever it is, we figured it out and did it! We put in some hard work.”

Later in an interview, Kim shared, “Scott is my motivator. He always says, ’Can you believe you did it?’ And I’m like, ’I can’t, this is crazy.’... We weren’t supposed to be here, like how did we end up at this cool party? We weren’t the cool kids, how did we pull it off?”

Despite being surprised by the success of their reality show, Kim had earlier admitted that fame was a goal she aspired to achieve.

Money was always the goal but I was obsessed with fame, like, embarrassingly obsessed,” she said in an interview. “I do agree that fame can be addictive. But now, my focus has shifted.”

In April 2023, Kim, who passed the baby bar exam in December 2021, mentioned that she would be content stepping away from reality television to fully pursue her career in law and criminal justice reform. Speaking at the TIME100 Summit, she said, “I would be just as happy being an attorney full time.

We have confidence in her! Before we wrap up, let’s delve into another article discussing Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, munching on a raw, unpeeled onion as a snack, leaving people with plenty of questions.

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