Kristen Bell Revealed the Surprising Technique She Uses to Raise Emotionally Strong Children

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s little ones may have inherited the “star” genes, but that doesn’t exempt them from the common hiccups of growing up. Bell’s unique and effective approach has helped her daughter overcome social challenges, which is impressive. Read on to learn her parenthood code and techniques.

As it turns out, communication is key for Bell.

Recently, the Frozen star opened up about her experience in an interview with Real Simple. She shared that she and one of her daughters have started attending mother-daughter jujitsu classes, which has significantly transformed their bond.

“Jujitsu is all about leverage — it’s about using connection and distance,” the actress explained. Bell and her daughter found a new level of intimacy through their jujitsu sessions. She recounted that the initial 2 classes focused on honing their voices, emphasizing the importance of expressing oneself clearly and confidently. This exercise taught them they have every right to communicate effectively and assertively, whether to agree or disagree.

“She stopped a fight on the yard at her school! It’s kind of phenomenal,” Bell said happily.

Bell went on to share that the jujitsu practice has brought tremendous personal growth for both her and her daughter. Her little one had been grappling with social hurdles but has since made remarkable progress, which fills Bell’s heart with pride. She recounted an incident where her daughter successfully prevented a schoolyard altercation, leaving Bell in awe.

In addition to jujitsu, Bell and Shepard actively cultivate positive habits in their daughters. The actress elaborated on another aspect they currently prioritize: teaching the value of making amends and offering apologies. According to Bell, acknowledging one’s mistakes and making things right is crucial, as humans can sometimes cause unintended harm.

She continued, “I really respect when someone does something wrong or hurtful, and they apologize. I’m like, ’Yeah, right on.’ That’s important.” Bell believes that if there’s one thing she wants to teach her kids, it’s how to make amends so that her children will feel better about themselves and have a positive self-image.

According to Bell, teaching her children the value of making amends is paramount, empowering them to develop a healthy sense of self-worth and self-love. And we couldn’t agree more!

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