Madonna Pays Emotional Tribute to Her 92-Year-Old Father Silvio on Father’s Day

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Madonna, the iconic singer and performer, took to Instagram on Father’s Day to pay touching tribute to her 92-year-old father, Silvio Ciccone. The Back That Up To The Beat hitmaker expressed her ample gratitude and admiration for her old man in a heartfelt message where she praised him and hailed his hard work.

To talk about the special occasion, the 64-year-old star (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) posted a recent selfie alongside a vintage nostalgic snap featuring her beloved father, as she honored him along with “all the dads out there.” This heartfelt tribute followed closely on the heels of Madonna’s latest video update, in which she informed her fans about the exciting prospects awaiting them during her upcoming 84-date global tour.

“Happy Father’s Day too. All the Dad’s out there!!! She’s, He’s, Them’s, and They’s!” Madonna began her heartfelt message. “But Most of All to my Father -Silvio- who once told me he was gonna go until the wheels fall off!! S.A. M. E,” the star continued. “Thanks for your unrelenting work ethic and Love and for refusing to spoil me in any wAy. You taught me how to be a Survivor! Forever Grateful. But also really tired...... xxxxxxxx,” she concluded.

Madonna achieved yet another milestone.

Madonna’s highly anticipated tour is scheduled to commence on July 15, 2023, at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, and will conclude on January 30, 2024, at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.

This tour follows her recent chart success, as she became the first woman since Cher to have a single debut on the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades. Previously, male solo artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Jackson, as well as all-male groups like the Rolling Stones and Santana, achieved this milestone.

Two new singles are released.

Furthermore, her latest single, Popular, released on June 2, amidst controversy surrounding The Idol, which received criticism online after premiering at Cannes in May. The show has drawn particular backlash due to its explicit content and description of her as a provocative character.

Following her release of Popular, Madonna collaborated with Sam Smith on a single called Vulgar, where she provocatively sings, “Boy, get down on your knees ’cause I am Madonna,” and uses explicit language all throughout the song.

Moreover, just like her father, Madonna also refuses to spoil her children, and she has her own approach to parenthood. In fact, the pop star has once publicly shared her “house rules,” which consist of 5 essential principles, and used her Instagram to share these lessons with her followers.

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