A Man Sleeps With a Crocodile and Proves True Friendship Goes Beyond Species

4 months ago

Meet Jonathan Araiza, a man who defies the norm of not having crocodiles as pets due to their intimidating appearance. Unlike most people, Araiza keeps a crocodile that he considers a docile pet, allowing it to roam free inside his house. Read on to learn more about his unique story and perspective on crocodile ownership.

Jonathan’s Docile Crocodile Sleeps in His Bed

Get to know Gamora, Jonathan’s friendly crocodile that he allows to roam freely in his house, including sleeping in his bed. “She is free to roam the house at will, and she spends (time) lying on the armchairs, in my bed.”

Gamora, the Dog-Like Crocodile

Contrary to her species’ reputation, Gamora is not dangerous, and Jonathan compares her to a dog. “There are very few cases of crocodiles that can adapt as well to captivity as she does,” he said. “It’s like having a dog.”

Gamora, Inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy

Jonathan named his pet crocodile after the character in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise because she was small, green, and aggressive when he first got her. However, she turned out to have a unique character, allowing her to participate in photoshoots and videos as a model.

Taking Care of Gamora

To keep Gamora healthy, Jonathan has a set routine. He monitors the temperature in his house and washes her water filters regularly since her diet of meat and fat tends to dirty the water quickly. “Since being such a large animal and its diet being so full of bones and fat, it is important to wash your filter daily to avoid dirtying the water.”

Gamora’s diet mainly consists of meats like beef, chicken, and some crustaceans.

Jonathan’s Love for Pets

Jonathan is not just into reptiles, but he also has two chihuahuas and snapping turtles and alligator turtles around the house. He even introduced Gamora to his girlfriend, who also has reptiles as pets, making it easier for them to bond quickly.

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