Meet Bini the Bunny Who Has More Talent Than Most of Us Do

2 years ago

Some ducks surf, some worms jump, some bunnies play basketball. Or at least one of them does. Namely, Bini the Bunny. He is an extremely skilled 8-year-old rabbit who knows exactly how to dunk the ball. This may sound like a fake story, but we have proof.

And we at Bright Side can’t wait to tell you about this great basketball player. Moreover, this is not his only talent and we will tell you more about that too.

Thousands of people are impressed by his talent.

Bini learned to play basketball at an early age and success didn’t keep him waiting long. When he was only a year old, a video of him dunking the ball won the hearts of thousands of people. They appreciated his skills and adored him. But being popular on the web is one thing, setting records is another matter entirely.

Slow play is for losers.

In 2016 Bini made the most slam dunks in 1 minute. And was even awarded a Guinness World Record for this. The next year he also appeared on the cover of a Guinness World Record book featuring amazing animals. Because, well, he is amazing for sure.

One of a kind guy

What we’ve said should already be enough to make you think Bini is one of the coolest pets out there. But that’s not all. He draws and combs and styles hair. Also, his ability to play arcade games amazed millions of people. And he even learned to play the guitar!

He is the only bunny who can do all of these things. There is even a mobile game and a special Facebook page devoted to Bini, where his animal friends can show their talents and tell their stories. The awesomeness of this sweet bunny is immeasurable, as well as his talent.

Would you like to pet Bini? Which of his skills impressed you the most?


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