Meet the Creative Father Who Took “Being Home Alone With Dad” to a Next Level

Usually, when you message your significant other regarding the children, you anticipate a brief response providing reassurance of their well-being. Nevertheless, Dad and photographer Kenny Deuss had different plans, giving rise to his collection of comical photoshopped pictures.

It all started with the birth of his kids.

Ever since Kenny’s daughters were born, he decided that he wanted to make the most out of their childhood by creating unique and special photos of them. When he became a father, he mastered the art of dad jokes, going beyond mere cheesy lines.

His collection of funny creations consists of photoshopped pictures where he puts his children in ironically dangerous-looking situations.

It all began with the arrival of their first daughter, Alix. Tineke Vanobbergen, Kenny’s girlfriend and a new mother, was initially reluctant to be apart from her daughter. However, as months passed, the time came for Tineke to return to her job.

Like many mothers, she felt anxious about leaving her newborn behind. Nevertheless, she had full confidence that Alix would be well cared for by her father, Kenny Deuss.

He got bored with the same photos.

Due to Kenny and his girlfriend’s lighthearted approach to their relationship and parenting, Kenny came up with the idea of responding with skillfully photoshopped pictures whenever his girlfriend asked about the kid’s well-being. After the first week, he got bored with sending the same images, so he decided to spice things up.

The images were so convincing that his girlfriend was initially taken aback and had to do a double-take. However, she quickly discovered Kenny’s creative endeavor and became aware of what he had been up to.

His goal is to break the misconceptions.

After Kenny’s girlfriend shared these photos with her coworkers, they eagerly anticipated seeing more on a regular basis. As a result, Kenny Deuss’s Instagram page quickly gained popularity and attracted a substantial following of fans.

When asked about what sets him apart from other digital creators in terms of entertaining and coming up with new ideas, and what drives his out-of-the-box thinking, Kenny replied: “I make my images with a subtle hint to the misconception that fathers can’t take care of their children. The images are a way to make fun of that misconception and at the same time prank my girlfriend with these. And I think a lot of followers feel pranked this way, and find it hilarious.”

The number of dads who stay at home to care for their children has nearly doubled since 1989, and this trend continues today. Even though being a parent is incredibly challenging and demanding, some dads excel at having the best time with their children when they’re home alone with them.

Preview photo credit onadventurewithdad / Instagram


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