Men Share 20+ Stories About How Difficult It Can Be to Go Along With Women

4 years ago

Girls like to complain sometimes that they have certain female problems men would never experience or understand. Sure, men don’t need to apply makeup, pluck their eyebrows or wear nail polish. But men also have their own problems and some of them are connected with their communication with women.

We at Bright Side have put together 20+ touching, funny stories about problems in relationships between men and women.

“Can you not leave the toilet seat up?”

Girls change their minds pretty quickly.

“It’s not easy to be the man of your girlfriend’s dreams.”

“I never regret teaching my dad about makeup phrases because now I wake up to texts like this.”

Women have their own language and men need to study it.

“My birthday cake, made by my wife”

Men love shopping but in their own way.

The moment when men see the backstage of beauty.

Men are amazed by women’s attention to detail.

“My wife asked me to pack lunch for the kids.”

Women hear only the things they want to hear.

“Part-time boyfriend, full-time photographer”

Why full-time photographer? Because 1 photo is never enough.

When your wife is a model, you get her the right light bounce along with everything else a husband is supposed to do.

Women can’t take hints that men don’t take hints.

Women can always find the way to make you feel guilty.

When a man tries to figure out whether you’re upset or not and uses all media available:

It’s simply impossible to find anything in a woman’s bag.

Men always have to have a plan B at hand.

And there is no place men can complain about their problems.

Guys, tell us what other problems you happen to face in your relationships with women.

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