Mother Discovered That Her 3 Adopted Kids Were Actually Biological Siblings

2 years ago

Katie Page always knew she wanted to adopt, even when she was a little girl. Today, the Colorado mom made her dream come true by creating a big loving family with her boyfriend, his 2 kids, and her 3 adopted children. But what makes Katie’s magical journey all the more special is that thanks to a twist of fate, it turned out that her daughter and 2 adopted sons were actually biological siblings.
You can find Katie and her lovely family on Instagram, YouTube, and her website.

Bright Side believes that when we choose the path of love and generosity, the Universe will always find a way to lift us up with its surprises. And the heartwarming story of Katie is living proof of this.

It all started with a life-changing decision.

After getting a divorce in her early thirties, one day Katie was looking at herself in the mirror when she had a moment of enlightenment. She decided to become the woman her heart wanted her to be, someone she could be proud of when she looks back in time. So she made up her mind to start completely fresh. She got a new job, bought a 4-bedroom house, and planned on making her dream of adoption a reality.

A little boy came to transform her life

In 2017, she met a 4-day-old baby boy who was abandoned by his birth mom. She decided to name him Grayson and take him under her wing. The first-time mother was no doubt a bit intimidated by this life-changing step, but she knew in her heart that a beautiful journey was just about to begin.

A once in a lifetime miracle united 2 siblings

Less than a year later, Katie received a call from her caseworker, saying that an emergency placement was needed for a 4-day-old baby girl who was abandoned by her biological mother. The single mom knew she was already overwhelmed, but a powerful voice inside her told her to trust her intuition and take in the newborn for a short period of time.

While doing the paperwork, Katie noticed that the name of the baby girl’s mom was the same as Grayson’s. After doing some further investigations, she was baffled to realize that the 2 kids were related by blood and that she was looking at her son’s biological sister. So she made the decision to legally adopt the girl as well. After all, she couldn’t separate 2 siblings when destiny had brought them back together. And this is how Hannah joined the mother and son duo in December of 2018.

Another brother made their family complete.

The biological mother of the 2 kids gave birth to another boy, 13 months after Hannah was born. When Katie found out, it was a no-brainer to her that she had to take him in as well, in order to unite the 3 siblings. And this is how baby Jackson was officially adopted by her in June of 2020.

Getting to watch them grow together is her ’’biggest reward.’’

We imagine that Katie’s life must be filled with many sleepless nights and overwhelming moments. But she says that she is “grateful for it.” Because knowing that Grayson, 5, Hannah, 4, and Jackson, 3, are now forever together under one roof would make all these challenges worth her while.

She even went on admitting that, ’’Every step of the way I was terrified, but things always worked out.’’
This devoted mom is living proof that when we set up our minds to do something we truly believe in, we can make it happen. We just have to believe in our inner strength, take a leap of faith, and go for it with an open heart.

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