My Boyfriend Hates on My Blog, So I Invited His Friend to a Restaurant Instead

3 weeks ago

Social media can either unite or divide us. It all comes down to how we use it and what it does to our relationships. Our reader’s boyfriend doesn’t approve of his girlfriend’s hobby. Besides, things got heated when his male friend shared his excitement toward our reader’s achievement.

One of our readers reached out to us with a message.

Thanks for getting in touch with us! We’re here to help you with your problem.

Keep doing what you love.

Let him know that your blog means a lot to you, and ask him to respect your hobby. A supportive partner should celebrate your achievements and encourage you to pursue your goals. If he’s not willing to accept your interests, it can eventually lead to bigger arguments. In any case, keep doing what you love and don’t give up on your hobby just because your boyfriend dislikes it.

Look out for some hidden issues.

Perhaps your boyfriend is saying such things because he doesn’t get enough of your attention. He might also be jealous that you spend more time on your blog and not your relationship. See if your hobby occupies most of your free time. Try doing some things together that both of you are interested in. Spend quality time together and let him know that you also need his company.

Show him the benefits of blogging.

Your boyfriend might not realize how many benefits blogging offers. Show him the positive aspects of your blog, such as the connections you’ve made with followers, the opportunities it has given you, and the skills you’ve developed. Perhaps he’ll change his mind when he sees how beneficial it can be.

Set boundaries.

Make it clear to your boyfriend that while you respect his opinion, constant negativity towards your hobby is unacceptable. Let him know how his comments and behavior affect you, and set boundaries around discussions related to your blog. Let him know that it hurts you when he criticizes your hard work and passion.

Some people don’t understand the point of sharing everything on social media, and it’s understandable. In this article, one of our readers threw away his wife’s camera because she used their child for likes on social media.


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