My Girlfriend Broke Down Because I Forgot to Buy an Avocado

6 months ago

We all have our ups and downs, besides, we also have to deal with those that our partner experiences. One of our readers has been going through a rough patch with his girlfriend. He doesn’t understand why she’s been acting so strange and why an innocent avocado brought so many problems and tears.

Our reader turned to us for help.

Thank you for reaching out to us! We understand your worries and we’re here to help you.

Get her health checked.

Morning sickness, changes in appetite, and mood swings could be signs of various health issues. Ask her to see a doctor to rule out any medical concerns. She might also be experiencing some psychological problems that can be the reason your girlfriend is feeling so unwell. It’s better to get professional help as soon as possible so as not to escalate the existing problems.

Be patient and understanding.

If your girlfriend’s health is fine, she might be going through some serious things that stress her out. Talk to her and try to find out what is bothering her. She might need to open up and get some things off her chest. Even though she might not try to talk to you, take the first step and make her feel comfortable to share her worries. Perhaps the problem is related to you or her work or studies.

Talk to her.

Let her know that you’re there for her and that you want to understand what is going on. If her actions hurt you, calmly ask her not to do that again because it pains you. Avoid blaming her or belittling her emotions. Even if she broke down because of an avocado, it doesn’t mean her problem is insignificant. It is a big deal for her, and you should find out why.

Reassure your commitment.

Remind your girlfriend of your commitment to the relationship and let her know that you’re ready to overcome challenges together. Reassurance can provide a sense of security. Spend quality time together and do activities you both enjoy. This way, you can strengthen your relationship and show your dedication and love.

It might seem like romantic relationships have the most drama. Yet, it can even find its place in friendship. In this article, our reader’s best friend ditched her at the hospital because of an unexpected marriage proposal.


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