“My Heart Broke Into Pieces”: The Touching Reason Why Shakira Kissed Her Dad’s Feet

5 months ago

Shakira’s father, William Mebarak Chadid was hospitalized and ended up in a wheelchair. The star immediately visited her 91-year-old father. What happened in that hospital room proved the power of love and resilience. Shakira shared the touching video on Instagram, and her emotional reaction left her fans deeply moved.

She took care of her sick father.

Shakira’s fans were worried about her father William who was battling illness at the age of 91. He was hospitalized and treated by skilled medical professionals. Due to his condition, he ended up in a wheelchair. Shakira came to visit and support him.

Her reaction to his progress was touching.

The star shared a touching video on Instagram. Her father was doing a series of strength exercises. He managed to lift his legs, and Shakira couldn’t hold back her emotions. She raised her arms exclaiming, “Oh, yeah!” and tenderly kissed her father’s feet. She wrote, “Life is something that happens between hospital visits, and Halloween costumes.”

Fans were moved.

This heartwarming video couldn’t slip past Shakira’s followers. Someone commented, “Shakira, you are admirable in every aspect. This was very touching for me. I love the way you show love to your dad. Such an act of pure love!” Another said, “My heart broke into pieces.” Many also mentioned that her dad was lucky to have such a great daughter.

In this article, we reveal more details about how Shakira took care of her sick father. She gave up her home to look after him, which proves that she is not only a great singer, but also a wonderful daughter.

Preview photo credit shakira / Instagram


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