My Husband of 7 Years Abandoned Me When I Got Pregnant, and the Reason Shocked Me to the Core

5 months ago

A furious woman, who’s also a mother-to-be, has recently come to Reddit with a story that could make many people burst with anger. The desperate lady is asking for some advice and support after her husband left her at just 4 months pregnant. He ran away after accusing her of something she didn’t even mean to do. Now, the woman is telling her story, and we can’t help but feel for her with all our hearts.

The family had been really happy until a small incident ruined everything.

The woman, who fell victim to a complex life situation, wrote a post on Reddit, and her story touched the hearts of many. She started her post on an optimistic note, saying that she, 32, and her husband, 35, have been married for 7 years. Her husband used to live next door and their feelings sparked immediately — they just clicked as if it was a fairy tale. One thing the woman has always thought made their marriage so strong was their friendship and trust in one another — but one day, that all changed.

She explained that recently, her husband found out that his friend, Geoff, had been baby-trapped. Basically, Geoff’s wife stopped taking her birth control pill, got pregnant a few months into their relationship, and only came clean after the wedding. The woman explained that her husband’s friend Geoff came from a very conservative family, which his wife knew, so he felt obligated to marry her after the pregnancy.

She added that, unfortunately, he also now feels obligated to stay regardless of the messed up dynamic because he feels that he has made a vow and will stick by his wife and child.

The bad experience of one family affected the lives of another woman and her husband.

The woman continued in her post, holding back no emotions regarding what was happening in her own family. She wrote that her husband, for some reason, had been really rattled by his friend’s poor family experience. She also wrote that she was 4 months pregnant at the moment of posting, and it was their first baby.

She wrote, “My husband asked me yesterday if I was trying to baby-trap him. I first laughed because I honestly thought it was a joke. He was dead serious and doubled down, so I told him that we have already been married for 7 years and a baby was not going to ’trap him’ any more than he already is.”

However, her husband was not satisfied with her answer and said that there was no time limit on baby trapping. He accused his wife of having intentions that were clearly not pure given that she considered his concerns to be a joke. He also said he had trusted his wife in the past, but the fact that she was “laughing in his face” gave him no reason to trust her now.

Things quickly escalated with no proper way out for anyone.

The woman continued, saying that at that moment she did not know what he wanted or how she was meant to respond, and she said they should talk about this in the morning. The next day, she woke up and her husband was gone, but she did have a nasty text from his brother saying that she had forced her husband into that pregnancy despite it having been a joint decision.

Later, the woman’s mother-in-law showed up with her husband in the car and, as the woman wrote, she practically dragged him to the door. The mother-in-law said that he had showed up at their place late the night before, saying that he was certain that his wife was using the baby to trap him. The woman admitted that her mother-in-law was a smart woman and she didn’t believe that nonsense, bringing her son to his wife to apologize.

The husband, however, has never apologized properly. The first time, he did not even look his wife in the eyes the entire time but said that he was scared about becoming a dad and projected his fears onto her. He said he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that kind of commitment, but he would step up.

There was only one appropriate solution.

The woman did not accept her husband’s apology. She called him a coward and told him that he should stay with his parents until she was ready to talk to him. And she already had the divorce papers being prepared at that moment.

She also showed her mother-in-law the text from her brother-in-law, and her face was like a storm cloud. Her brother-in-law finally apologized for his awful text, saying that he was swept up in the moment and wanted to support his brother. The mother-to-be explained how hurtful it had been to receive such a nasty and vindictive message and that he knew as well as anyone that she and her husband had been trying for a baby for almost a year. He hung his head and mumbled something. The woman added, “That was pretty much the last I heard out of him for the afternoon.”

The woman went through with her plans, even though it was hard.

After trying to find a solution and attempting to forgive her husband, the woman eventually decided to proceed with the divorce. Finally, her husband was served divorce papers at work. They were drafted in advance, but she just wanted to wait until she had thought it all through.

She received a few missed calls and crying voicemails asking if she was willing to throw away their family, but she did not respond. He even took a crying selfie sitting in his car.

The woman’s mother-in-law called her when she heard the news and told her that she was making the right decision. She said she never wanted her marriage to end this way or for her son to be so callous but said she would be there for their baby and that they would always be family. The mother even tried to apologize on her son’s behalf, but the pregnant woman told her that it wasn’t necessary. At the end of the day, the man had to own his actions, and she was sure she made the right decision.

Here’s yet another dramatic story about a woman who had to kick her daughter with 6 kids out of her house, all because of her daughter’s newest pregnancy.

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