My Husband Still Loves His Late Ex-Wife, and It Even Feels Like She Lives With Us

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When one of the spouses passes away, another partner may spend an enormous amount of time learning how to live without their second half. But for the heroine of our today’s article, this all has become a tad unhealthy, as her husband seems to have entered into a relationship with her by mistake. At least she thinks so, as she feels the presence of his late ex-wife everywhere in her life, and it frustrates the woman to the core.

A woman’s life with her husband hasn’t been fine from the start.

A desperate woman came to one of the Reddit communities to tell her story, that resonated with many people. She started her post, saying that her husband, and she has been together for 10 years, and they have been married for 6.

Their relationship is far from normal, as the woman has to try hard to win her husband’s love and attention.

She shared, “He and his late wife were together for 3 years and married for 1, they have a son who is now 13. I know I don’t come first in his eyes, and as a person who doesn’t like a whole lot of attention, it worked out pretty well. He goes to her grave every day after work and takes their son to her grave on the weekend for an hour to spend time with his mom.”

The relationship in the whole family has been affected.

The woman says that not only her relationship with her husband suffers from his love for his late ex-wife, but it affects her and her stepson’s bonding a lot.

She wrote, “I work from home as an online tutor working with kids on English and history, and my stepson was home with me doing school remotely. I’ve known him since he was three and we have a decent relationship. We bonded over shared hobbies like building Gundam models and the Percy Jackson books.”

The woman’s intentions are the purest. She opened up about it, saying, “Yesterday was his birthday and I gifted him a special edition box set of the second series in the Riordanverse (The Heroes of Olympus). When he opened my gift he all but screamed and hugged me and as he was thanking me he called me mom. I didn’t say anything, but I did smile, I’ve raised him for almost 7 years, so sometimes I feel like his mother, even though I know our bond isn’t biological.”

But her husband spoils it all. She revealed, “My husband became furious, and once my stepson went up to his room to read his new books, he began to yell at me. Quotes including, ‘You’re not his mom, how could you ever be his mom,’ ‘How dare you let him call you mom,’ and ‘You don’t have any children, he’s mine, not your son,’ To defend myself, I only replied that I was glad my stepson saw me as a maternal figure.”

The woman’s husband once made the most cruel remark, and she can’t forget it.

The disappointed woman can’t hold her emotions while going on with her post. She wrote that her husband was very mean once, and gave the details.

She said, “My husband blew up and told me, ‘If my wife came back from the dead I would divorce you in an instant for her, don’t act so high and mighty because you help MY son with homework sometimes or build stupid plastic figurines, no matter how many bedtime stories you read him you are not and will never be his mother.’”

She says, “It hurt my feelings. My husband and I are sleeping in separate rooms and I feel awful. I just don’t know how to respond. I love my stepson, I love my husband, but right now I feel utterly devalued and replaceable, I just needed to get my feelings somewhere I know he won’t find it. Thank you for reading.”

Reddit users were almost unanimous in their opinions about the situation.

People of Reddit came to the rescue in the comments section. They mostly supported the woman and commented on her story like if it was theirs.

One user said, “Wooooooow, so instead of him realizing how blessed he is that he’s fallen in love with a woman so kind and caring she would love and look after her stepson as if he was her own, he’s shouted at you for it and basically threatened you with divorce?
So he would much rather his son, his own flesh and blood, still be traumatized by his mother’s death and resentful of you???? Instead of happy and thriving on the love of a stepparent?”

Another person added, “Convenience, he married her out of convenience.
He visits his dead wife’s grave daily...DAILY. He takes the kid EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. He doesn’t love OP, she’s convenient for him. He married a nanny for his child. He kept OP around because he saw how well his son and her get along.
When the kid moves out, one of two things will happen. Divorce papers will quickly follow for her, or he keeps her around like a pet, because he enjoys her company and nothing more.”

Another person wrote, “From the post, it definitely sounds like he doesn’t love her. She is the equivalent of leaving the TV on so you don’t feel so lonely. If he goes to her grave every day after work, he needs some serious help. I understand visiting a grave, but every day is a huge commitment. He needs counselling ASAP.”

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